Pac-Man 99

Anyone else been playing this? For those who don’t know, it’s a 99 player battle Royale game adapted from the original Pac-Man. Your performance can sabotage other players and knock them out.

It’s so damn addictive, more or less the only thing I’ve been playing in 10 minute bursts. Recommend it for EVERYONE.

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Haven’t heard of this! What platform is it on?

That sounds Sick, is one person pacman and the other 98 ghosts? lol i got to see a trailer

Been playing it once in a while, it’s fun, only managed to get to 2nd place, it gets really heart pounding when you reach the last 10 remaining.


WOW look who showed up!

If Juan says it’s fun, it’s gotta be. I still need to see a trailer.


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