Nostalgia overload, HI!

So many random memories of message board interactions are zipping around my skull.

It’s awesome to see old usernames from my time on MGSF. Considering the second half of my time on the old site was mostly inactive, I still remember so much now I’m reading names and posts from back around that time and it’s put a stupid grin on my face.

I bumped into departed briefly on reddit a long time back and since then reconnecting with MGSFers has popped into my head every so often, so the timing was perfect for Jassassino to drop me a DM to sign up here. Hilariously despite his username being almost identical to his MGSF name, he still decided to identify himself, just in case.

Quick update on life since MGSF, I’m 30, been married nearly 10 months after having a lockdown wedding. Living happily up North Wales with the wife, and should be adding a puppy to our lives very shortly. I live in a static caravan because houses cost a fortune in the area, so the rednecks will be happy, can’t remember his username but the guy was obsessed with Mexican cola in the glass bottles, if anyone remembers that one.

I’ll be accessing from my work laptop, so hopefully can pop on and browse regularly. If anyone has good or bad memories of our interactions or if I made you an awful sig/avatar back in the day, hit me up. Concussions have trashed lots of my memory so anything that helps bring them back is mega value to me.

Much love.


Welcome back Shyne, nice to see you about

Where abouts you knocking around, I’ve found myself living in Flintshire these days, on the edge of Chester.

Yo man, I’m on Anglesey, pass through Flintshire on the A55 a lot when heading back to see the folks.

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Oh damn, you’re north north then, I’m on the A55 a lot heading towards England to go to work, doesn’t strike me as a quick journey to get to Anglesey.

Yeah, an hour from the bridge to the end of the A55.

You must be Wrexham way, say hi to Ryan Reynolds for me.

LOL I didn’t even clock that.

Welcome anyway!

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Welcome Shyne! I was Bosaboss.

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Welcome shyne! I still remember our dirty night away in London for Eurogamer

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Shyne! Good to see you again man!

No, just several awesome ones. :wink:

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Welcome! Glad to have you here too!

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Yes Gene! Was thinking about that, good times.

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Shyne! Welcome! (This is Kalash!)

Sad (@NightFox) and I sent you an invite when we launched but as with a lot of people, old emails and such, it didn’t make it over to you.

Appreciate you joining! And cheers @Jassassino for finding another one!

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Welcome back dude!

@Bread oh damn you near Buckley at all? My grandma lives there so have done loads of trips to Flintshire

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Yeah, I’m about a 10 minute drive from Buckley.

Welcome back mate, another big OG.

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Welcome back! I remember you from TSF.

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Hey bro I havent gotten around to replying to this topic until today. It’s great to see you still bouncing around. if you didn’t know this is your boy Dirty Duck and i’m a real BAKA hentai. but dont judge me PLEASE. have fun brother man and stick around!



Never seen you both in the same room, so this makes perfect sense to me.

Oh I’m bouncing, like a ball.

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