Mobile Site Weirdness

This happens every time I try to type on the mobile site now, and idk if it’s my phone being weird because it does that or of it’s the website. you can see there the cursor is behind the keyboard so i cant see what I’m typing. Just wanted to post about this in case it was something to do with the site itself.

Could be an issue with the latest update, I’ve noticed it happen a few times too. If you scroll up to the top of the screen it should correct.

I don´t make much out of it, but the same thing happens with me every message.
I´m on Android.

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I cannot figure out if this is a phone or forum issue, I will say I’ve had it happen on other sites too when I try to type. Generally pulling the screen down to go to the top fixes it for me.

Will look more into it but I’m not sure how much I can do. Site update is incoming so we will see if that fixes anything as well.

I´m guessing it´s an Android issue to be honest. Until I got this phone I was on an iphone and never had this. No big deal man.


Also another quick fix is going into landscape mode and back. Always works for me.

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I believe it is android and app specific, I get it too sometimes, especially after clearing out the cache, etc.

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New update is up and running, please let me know if it continues so I can make a ticket on the discourse meta.

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