MGSF deadbeat returner

I’ve cut my thumb so I’m typing left handed so I’ll keep this short incase TLDR

I’m so happy to see lots of people I remembered way back when. But also to apologise that I couldn’t keep up with MGSF, I got so busy with life but god don’t I wish I could go back to those days coming to MGSF everyday to talk to everyone!

I was only there for a couple of years so doubt many people remember me. But a quick catch up on me (not interesting sorry) I’m 29 now, have two kids 4 and 2, and wish I could play games all day again, but my oldest is really fucking good at games already he’ll be the boss to surpass big boss.

I’ll try my best to check in. So good to see you all again :boom::boom::boom:


Welcome Holly, it’s great to see you here! I hope you’re liking the look and feel of MGL!

That’s brilliant to hear your eldest is following in your footsteps! He inherited the gamer gene. :sleepy::muscle:

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Thanks for inviting me here! Life is settling down now so hope to be here more often.

And yes he gives me a run for my money, I mostly play minecraft with him, bet if I showed him MGS in the future he’d say it was crap haha

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Hi Holly! :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome!
Glad to see another one made it here. I remember you. I was Bosaboss on MGSF.

Kids these days catch on so fast. My oldest plays Minecraft as well. I could never get into it.

Check in whenever. The guys made a sweet website here and a bunch of the old forum regulars come on daily. :+1:t2::partying_face:

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Hey Holly good to see another MGSF vet return! :slight_smile:

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Ayup Holly and welcome. I remember!

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I also remember you! Good to see you back! :smiley:

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Hey Holly good to see you here! Always nice to see another person you remember from MGSF. We’re really like Mother Base gathering all the wayward soldiers back home


Ayyy Holly, good to see you welcome back!

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Good to see you Holly! Ozwald here, I yelled into the void of the old site and got sent here.

Man, TWO kids too, you’re killin it. You’ve got two future teenagers to play splitscreen with.

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i would never forget holly, and all her thirsty fans. welcome back m’lady tips fedora and gun fingers


Welcome to MGL! Otacon should have sent you a prompt for a tutorial in a message, if you follow that through it’ll explain alot of the sites features. Totally different beast than MGSF.

Really appreciate you signing up!

Holly! Good to see you here, it’s gene from mgsf.

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Hey there!! Good to see you again :relaxed:

I know right except I’ll be uncool by the time they’re teenagers.

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You’re hot. Lose the girlfriend.


I definitely remember you! It’s good to see you around and doing well on this site, If you didn’t know this is sadistic_greyfox. I really do hope to see you become part of our community once again.