MGS4 Weapons & Item Locations?

Yesterday I unearth the PS2 & PS3 from the bowels of the cellar, cleaned them up, and started to replay MGS4. While not my favorite by a long shot, there is something undeniably unique about the way it plays, and the graphics are still very good in my opinion.

I made it through the Middle East relatively unscathed, mostly utilizing stealth, patience, and CQC until my rendezvous with the Rat Patrol. I ended up procuring an FN 5.7 pistol as the FROGS began to assault and it reminded me how cool the guns and gunplay are in MGS4.

Now, I’ve arrived in South America bearing 35 White Phosphorus Grenades, and said 5.7 Pistol, but I’m going to need some more firepower, and probably sooner rather than later, so if someone could point me in the direction of the VSS, I’ll owe you a cerveza.

I’m keenly aware this information is readily available elsewhere, but what fun is that? Wiki’s have taken the joy out of casual discussion, banter, and hearsay. Please feel free to discuss MGS4’s weapons selection, and perhaps post weapon and item locations!

Furthermore, what weapons do you consider the BEST in the game? Which are your favorites? Any good war stories you’d like to share?


Nice idea, not using the internet.
I know it´s in the confinement facility but not sure which part of the map.
But very good choice. It has a suppressor, that also doesn´t wear out. And works good for Gekko as well, aiming at the head.

My main choice of weapons was pretty boring. Meaning that I always went back to the same set, apart from certain bosses. But I did check them all out.
The last time I played MGS4 was for a Big Boss run.
I need more time before I start it up again. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I often think about how it would be cool to replay the series simultaniously with you guys. Like, do one chapter or something, stop and exchange thoughts. Did this with some of my friends when I was a kid. But I can´t play a lot these days.

As I sit in my chambers, the hour late, I dip my quill into my inkwell. As I pull it back out drops of ink fall like blackest rain, impervious to the light of the flickering candle that illuminates the room. The parchment laid bare at my desk shall not remain bare for much longer. Endless potential narrows and narrows as my quill scratches along the page. I have a question. A burning question. My curious cursive cleaves its way through letter after letter. After the ink has dried, I open my drawer and pull forth a crisp, virgin envelope. I carefully fold the contents and close inside. I drip the crimson wax from the candle and seal firmly with my ring, leaving the mark that would let the world know these pondering were mine and mine alone. Though the sun has not yet risen this cannot wait, I pass the letter over to my trusted envoy and ask him to deliver it immediately. He sets off in the dark of the night. It is now out of my hands and all I can do is wait. After climbing steep hills and braving perilous weather the letter finally arrived at its destination. The recipient breaks the deep red wax and opens to see what is within. They carefully unfold the parchment and before them in deep black lies the question:

“where to find XM8 MGS4 PS3”


I don’t remember a lot of the weapons from this game, because once I unlocked the Solar Gun, that’s all I ever used for multiple playthroughs.



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Pairing this with the Big Boss face camo was so funny, screaming SUNLIIIIGHT and utterly battering enemies cowering in the corner at a walking corpse.


UPDATE: VSS & XM8 Aquired, still using the 5.7 to great effect. I forgot how many guns are in this game.

I don’t think I’ve ever used the Solar Gun. How do you even unlock it?

I’ve also never used the Tanegashima.

You’ve got to beat the 4 members of the B&B unit non-lethally, as well as the Frog soldiers in the hotel in Act 1. They’ll all drop a doll to collect if done successfully.

Funnily enough I was literally just looking at my MGS4 trophies to see how I was only at 55% given I knew I did a good few runs and got the Big Boss emblem, still have a few to get but I think must think about finishing that one off when I get back to it. That Tanegashima one took me a while to do, couldn’t figure out fully how to get it to work.

OK it takes minimum 8 playthrough to get the platinum so I’m not doing that