MGS Memories

I wanted to open up a thread for anyone who played MGS some time ago, likely all of you, and had any memories that stuck with them from that time.

The first one that has stuck with me over the years was needing my Dad’s help to hammer the O button during the Ocelot torture. I repeatedly had him get me through and was upstairs getting zapped again while my folks were hosting a party or having a bunch of friends round. I had stowed myself away upstairs for some tactical espionage action but had to wander downstairs in the middle of this event and say ‘Dad I need your help again with the torture’. I still remember the faces of the guests as I scanned the room then walked off upstairs again, completely naïve but it gets a chuckle out of me today, would love to know what questions were asked about that before it was explained :joy:

Please feel free to share any memories you have, can just be of enjoying a part of the game, anything really, MGS was such a monumental game for me it sits strongly in my mind so I’m sure other people have some experiences.


This might be in the wrong section…yes, it’s in the wrong section :joy:

My top memory of MGS was fighting The End. It was on Extreme or European Extreme, and I was hunting him for days. I was listening out for him one time, just laying down…and HE CAME AND LAYED DOWN BESIDE ME!!! In nearly jumped out of my skin :joy: He ran off and I had to find him again.

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Damn, MGS memories…

-Being so enthralled with MGS2 that I’d pretend to be Solid Snake and sneak around school
-Taking every single news clipping or magazine article that mentioned anything about MGS3 pre launch, carefully tearing it out of the magazine and storing them in protective sheets in a binder
-Being in pure awe at the first MGO1 trailers and subsequently, the first time I played it

those are the ones that stick out the strongest. the later games would have their share of memories but these memories were the golden age of my mgs love lol


My favorite MGS memories, eh? For as critical as I am of this whole series, every single game gave me some unforgettable memories.

MGS1: I don’t like this game much these days, but I was 13 years old when it first came out in 1998, and I’ll never forget when Kamran came home from college with his roommates PlayStation and played the full game with myself and my younger siblings as an audience. It was the first time in my life I remember actually being enthralled by cutscenes. It was like watching a cartoon but with blood and profanity. That weekend of watching him play this game was something that blew me away and made me desperate to get my hands on the game for myself.

MGS2: The first M-rated game I ever bought for myself. Bought it the second I turned 17, February 14th, 2002. And the first time I heard Computer Colonel tell me to turn the game console off, and heard him going nuts talking Japanese, my heart started pounding with intense anxiety. This was the first game to actually freak me out when I played it. And some of us were still anxious about Y2K even two years on because we Americans are a dumb bunch.

MGS3: The very, very first time I played MGS3 after buying it from Blockbuster in 2005 (they let you buy games too), it was the boss fight with The End that stuck with me. It was the only time that fight took me over an hour to beat. And nothing stuck with me more than hunting through the grass, trying to find the old prune, then hearing “This…is the end…” from directly behind me before the camera cut to The End standing over Snake and shooting him before that cutscene triggered of him carrying Snake off back to the prison. I don’t know if this was something that only happened in the OG Vanilla version. I just know it never happened again in any other rematch I’ve had with him.

MGS4: After all the hype and all the buildup, I’ll never forget being floored the very first time I played this game and just got absorbed by the graphics and the rich, raw audio quality. It was absolutely stunning because I’d never experienced a video game that looked like that. And that first impression of carefully sneaking my way through the middle east was so gratifying back when I didn’t know where to go.

Peace Walker: Towards the end of my college career, MPW was basically my life in between periods. I’d either go into the parking lot and play missions in my car or go all the way up to the eighth floor of MLK Library with all of downtown San Jose in my sights and just play through the missions. This was a perfect “college gamer game.” I was 25 back then, and felt like a kid playing my gameboy all over again. Same with all the Ac!d games and MPO. The portable MGS games got me through the entirety of my college career tbh.

Ground Zeroes: I may despise GZ as a product, but there was no denying how awestruck I was the first time I finally played it. The atmosphere, the graphics, the sheer depth of that main mission, trying to find any clues I could as to where the hell Paz was after I found Chico. And all the conversations among guards building intrigue about whatever was happening in the base was such a one of a kind gaming experience.

MGSV: The amount of unforgettable moments for me in this game is pretty extensive, but there was one moment specifically that let me know straight away this was gonna be a magical experience. I was riding the horse across Afghanistan, then outta nowhere, I got sniped off my horse and frantically swan dived behind this large rock, until I finally found the sniper. But I didn’t have any weapons to attack the sniper from afar. Then a squad came after me on the ground. So I kept humping the ground to avoid getting sniped, then fought the ground team until I carefully crawled through the river, then up a crack in the wall, and up the hill, so I could sneak up to the sniper and take him out. I thought this was Quiet at first, until I pointed my gun at the sniper and realized it was one of those “capture the elite soldier” side ops. And that very first sequence was more exciting and organic for me than most set pieces in games were at the time.


I’ll echo Dep here with MGS2. I remember that by the time I got to the AI Colonel bit I had been playing for at least 3-4 hours on end and was sitting hunched over in front of my TV in a dark room at about 9PM or 10PM. I was literally so freaked out that I just turned the system off and I think I went to bed.

MGS1 too, I mean I still regard it as my favourite game of all time but although I’m estranged from all of my family it was something I really enjoyed as an experience with my cousin. I remember playing the demo and being so awful that I couldn’t get anywhere once I got to the Hangar. We played it so much together that I eventually mastered the demo section by the time the full game was out but I just watched him play through it all and loved it. He eventually gave me his copy which took me years to complete but that’s still the copy I have now.


My first memory of the series was MGS1, playing the first demo from Official Playstation Mag and at the same time a hacked black and white US version of the game together with my best mate. Because of the black and white we couldn’t see the elevator light in the Tank Hangar so we didn’t find it for weeks, since we only played every Wednesday or weekends. When the PAL version got out and we got there we were like wtfffffffff :exploding_head::rofl:
Crawling in cardboard boxes, knocking on walls to distract enemies, smoking cigs to get past lasers, stealth; all was a first in a game for me. Very cool and mindblowing at the time.

MGS2 is my favourite because of the flawless gameplay, but playing MGS1 and listening to the long codecs always gives me this fuzzy and soothing feeling.

After that my first memory of MGS2 is the Japanese demo from Zone of the Enders. Where you had to send your code in for the contest, which was later used for the dogtags. Played that 100’s of times.


I think this was my first exposure too. I remember playing this demo over and over and over again before eventually getting the game. If I recall correctly, the demo ended just after the “DARPA Chief” died in his cell, which to be fair, is quite a lot of game to experience for a demo.


I have the same memories of playing the demo. “Whose footprints are these?!”, knocking on walls to lure guards, mind blowing stuff to me.

Having to get Meryl’s frequency from a gaming magazine (along with demos monthly) because I had a pirated game and couldn’t check “the back of the cd case” like Campbell suggested.


Can’t believe Kojima didn’t foresee this being a problem with digital gaming 20 years into the future smh


Love the idea for this topic.

So i came to the MGS party a bit late, my first time playing mgs1 was 2002 . I played a decent amount of it but on this particular day it was a snow day AND i was on the sniper wolf fight. Where we lived at the time wasn’t the warmest apartment but that lil cold and the snow going outside really just intesified the rest of Metal Gear 1 that day. it’s a feeling i wont forget.

ALRIGHT before i get cancelled, I WAS A 12-13 YEAR OLD BOY OK! Checking gamefaqs and reading you can make Meryl lose her pants TWICE in MGS1, of course it was just blocky ass textures of a ps1 but that didnt stop me. I crawled in and out that vent like a real Baka hentai.

I have too many for mgs2 but i’ll boil it down to what a couple folks have already said here, Colonel AI freak out. Look, along with being a pervert i was also a big scardy cat, Horror and freaky shit was NOT my bag. I didn’t have a memory card at the time so i got allll the way to the end. I don;t know what happened, i freaked out, Jesus talking to me, who knows but when he told me to turn the console off now I DID!

MGS3, even though it’s not my fav metal gear i still appreciate it, Snake Eater was one of the last games my Mom got me as a gift before she passed. Regardless how i may feel on the subject the case itself and art holds a sacred place in my heart. Just alot of sentimental memories aroud it.

MGS4, uufffffhhhh. When i played this game i remember telling myself " after i beat this game i’ll never want to play video games ever again. I convinced myself of it too haha, like MGS4 was the last game worth playing. 20 year old me was a real cooooooll guy.


hahaha the mgs2 colonel moment gave me literal chills. i argued with myself if that was real or not before just continuing to play the game cause i didnt have a memory card either!


I remember watching my dad play this game as a kid and even though things were tough I really escaped into the level of detail and intrigue of Metal Gear Solid on PS1. I couldn’t play it very well myself but I did try a lot, and I still think that the codec calls helped me to learn a lot of proper spelling to begin with. It was really an awesome game to have been my first big interest and thus was able to grow up playing every one of those games in order. I still really like the first game because of that. Funny enough though, my childhood goal of growing up to be more like Solid Snake is actually working out over time. I’m not a soldier or anything like that but I have survived so much that I have no concern on whether I could do it again. I am working hard to give myself a sense of discipline in many different areas of my life and it’s making me a better person I think. Maybe all of this is connected to how much I played and fantasized about those games over the years. I do think they are special games compared to just about everything else


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