Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game

CMON have now announced a Metal Gear Solid board game for preorder and release in May next year.

Some of the art, figures and designs are seriously beautiful. I’m generally quite impressed with it, and thought you guys would enjoy seeing some of it.

Anybody seen this and thinking of getting it? It’s been a while since I’ve played a game tie-in board game, but i think this one could be pretty great


I consulted on the MGS version of RISK once upon a time and was never paid for it


Lmao shit for real? The payment was the privilege of working with high profile brands and IPs to put on your portfolio I think actually mate. Nothing wrong with some unpaid work!



I can finally get it. Consider my Snake Solided


This is seriously well done, strictly from a design and presentation perspective. The sculpts on the miniatures look fantastic, the artwork - - while not quite Shinkawa style - - feels right, and the overall aesthetic looks marvelous.

My only reservations are that we don’t actually know how the game plays, how complex it is, if it can be expanded to other scenarios, or what the quality of gameplay is as a whole. It may look great but be laden with poorly designed mechanics. My other issue is I don’t think I have any friends in my immediate area who would play this with me. It would pretty much be for Jackal meetups and we haven’t done one since before the pandemic, but hopefully that changes.

I think the best bet here is waiting for someone to translate it into tabletop simulator as an addon from the workshop, then perhaps we could get some game nights going. I really want that REX miniature though, it’s very cool.


I saw the trailer when it was posted 4 weeks ago and actually went to buy it immediately but stopped when shipping + extra charges would bump it up to cost £130+

And at the end of the day it probably won’t be better than Cosmic Encounter anyway :cookiemonster:


OH! This is an emoji we are in desperate need of too, @Hessikin :roy:

Send me the sprite! While we’re at it, if anyone has a better roy sprite send that over too. This one is looking jank.

Yeah, that’s steep for a game I don’t even know is going to be fun to play.

Yeah it was quite predatory really but my teenage self was happy to just help out and spend hours talking about metal gear.

Looks like pirates have ripped RISK: MGS and ported it to TTS.