Metal Gear Solid Remake

Is this it? Is it finally coming to fruition?

The official Metal Gear twitter posted a reply to a newly created twitter account under the name “Tom Olsen” who claims to be a technician on the Big Shell. In the response to Tom’s post about paying a visit to the computer lab in the Big Shell and finding it empty.

The official Metal Gear twitter’s response was as follows:

The wording is very sus; check you Codec each morning? PMC incursions? and lastly, “we have visitors coming next week”. There have been rumblings for years, but starting last September various rumors have been circulating on 4chan and the like pertaining to not just a MGS Remake, but also remasters of 2, 3, and 4 for PS5.

What do we make of all this? Is it actually on the horizon? Could we get a teaser as early as next week?


Imagine if this just isn’t some HD remake or something but a complete graphical Overhaul of one or a few of the original mgs games. I know there’s rumor bluepoint has been working on something metal gear related!


I am just worried Konami is gonna play some fuck fuck games. PMC incursions? I am afraid everyone is going to be hype for a remake and Konami is gonna put out some survival crap like Survive!

I don’t know, maybe I’m too pessimistic. A Metal Gear remake is long overdue, just look how sucessful Capcom was with the Resident Evil Remakes, even the worst one (RE3R) is loads of fun. If Konami knows whats good for them, they’ll do right by us, otherwise they will be damned to an eternity of churning out shit-tier Pachinko machines.


I think a remake is eventually inevitable, or at least some kind of celebration event with an MGS game involved. Konami do seem to know very much so that their direction without Kojima is difficult, so a remake of the first game does make a lot of sense to me. Also considering it’s minimal new content and ideas to direct and instead mostly just adaptation.

I am aware though with the MGS Movie soon coming, it could be in regards to that too.

ALL too convenient?


i totally forgot about the movie, i realllllyy hope it’s not a movie announcement. The game is like 50 movies worth of content!

True. I’m honestly not stoked about the movie at all. It’s gotta be a really good fucking script to even remotely capture Metal Gear’s weirdness and intrigue.

Interesting, I’ve always wanted HD versions of MG1 & 2. I would be pretty content with that for the time being. IDK If you guys saw it but Mondo put out vinyl LP’s of MG1 and 2’s OST, and the artwork was pretty dope. Check it out;

Made me wonder what a modern day remake would be like.

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tbh if konami really wants to win fans back over they got to do MG 1 and 2 . start fresh. strarting back with mgs1 is cool but kinda reeks of a quick cash grab, atleast imo

True. What they really need to do is apologize to Kojima. I hope they are at least sending him fat royalty checks.

I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a cash grab anymore than say RE3R was, I’d be content to play MGS1 in a modern engine tbh. But if they cut out sections of the game like Capcom did with RE3R I’ll be disappointed.

Konami might seem like it can only go up from here, but never put it past a big corporation to sink lower than you thought they could even go.


damn you know waht in some ways you’re right RE2 remake was the best remake ever made and they just skipped the first…sadly. so there is hope

I just want to see something, anything! its been a long time since a proper mg game has been released or even talked about, so anything at this point would be great. Other than that, i dont really trust Konami delivering something substantial besides remakes. A new metal gear for me is valid in 2 ways, 1. if another studio does it with a vision for the series and 2. Kojima taking the reigns again somehow (higly unlikely) or atleast being able to supervise the concept.


I know dude, I’ve been replaying mgs 1 2 3 , watching 4k 60 frame gameplay of 4, few months ago i was active again on mgsv. I’m STARVING for MG! like the MG slut that i am, i’ll take anything they give me at this point BUT i’d prefer if it is quality! I still got my ps3 hoked up for it!

I do not think it’s out the realm of possibility that kojima works on mg again though. money talks, and it’s been like 6 years. i think it’s not completely off the table. If bluepoint is just doing a remake, i’m cool with that for now.


100% in agreement. I’m hoping that rumor about Bluepoint doing their own game is true, and I hope Konami are merely publishers in this instance. That’s the best case scenario for us fans right now, since I highly doubt Kojima will be returning to Konami anytime soon and with good reason.

Konami really burned the fans here and on Silent Hill. Fuckers.


That is true too, money does talk. I think Kojima has a little more artistic integrity than to just waltz back into Konami’s greedy little arms at the first whiff of a dollar though.

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I guess we have to start again somehow, and Bluepoint delivering a stellar remake for arguably the best mg in the series (fite me), would sure kick things again in the right direction, luring interest form both gamers and potential developing talent back to the series. Its also a nice opportunity for bluepoint to put some fresh paint on the stealth genre, introducing some new elements and playing with it, to the great canvas that mgs is.

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I guess it’s just wishful thinking for koj’s return, as much of a nutback that he is!

If bluepoint can do an over the shoulder mgs1 though, i would be pretty excited for that alone.

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True, I’m just stoked to see whats coming.

What do you guys make of the “We’re having visitors next week” line from the tweet?

IMO this is a press event IF it really is about a game, press event or some sort of playable demo.

I really hope they do go the Resident Evil 2 Remake route. “Hey here’s the game and the demo is NEXT WEEK!”

That’s the way to do it. Don’t give me this teaser bullshit, either bring what you’ve got or fuck off.

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Tweeted more today aboout it Seems to like the attention to say the least.


There are far more boxes being shipped around than usual. Management must be preparing for something big soon!

Now that’s very on the nose. Can’t wait to see what this is.

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So who is this guy actually? Do you guys really think we might be up for something metal gear related?