Metal Gear - Least Favourite Moments

The official twin to our “Favourite moments” thread!

MGSV is eight years old today, that means it’s been eight years without any legitimate, canon sequels. Upon seeing it, my first thought was “MGSV was pretty great.” Very promptly followed by…

"God, that absolute mess of a Jeep ride with Skullface was dreadful. I couldn’t hear shit, there was ambient noise over the entire thing, shouting from random guards. This was probably the worst scripted cutscene in MGS history which I’ve experienced. Maybe one of my least favourite moments. Not only that, but because of how the pause function works in cutscenes, I wasn’t able to turn subtitles on either. I literally had no idea what was said during this scene.

So what are your guys least favourite moments?



The back-tracking in MGS1.

The micro-wave corridor.

I don´t think I have anything other than that. The ride with Skullface was long… But I always thought it was one of those typical Kojima touches. Like The Ladder.


Most of MGSV tbh. Gameplay feels great but I just didn’t dig any of the map, I remember next to nothing of the story beats, characters (apart from Quiet because she wouldn’t get her bloody tits off of my screen), etc.

MGS3: The Virtuous Mission (I feel like I remember Wayno echoing my thoughts on this years ago)

MGS1: Backtracking for the PSG1 and the PAL keys

MGS4: Everything after Act 2 I’m afraid, although I did like the nostalgia trip to Shadow Moses initially and the Rex v Ray fight

Rising: Armstrong (I’m sorry memelords but I hated that fight)

Peace Walker: “Boo hoo I miss The Boss so you need to hear about this for an entire game that was actually kind of fun to play if the maps weren’t a bit limited. P.S. Just to make sure you’re annoyed, here’s a new character called Huey”


Some of you need to hear this.


The Emma section in MGS2 is legit dogshit and one of the worst parts of the entire series. Combining an underwater mission with terrible controls with an escort mission is the worst combination since octogenarians with politics. The fact she dies immediately after that torturous claymore section only further enhances how pointless it all is.


Ahhh yeahh :roy: That´s how I could 100% the game actually.

Holy shit, I completely forgot about the Emma section! Come to think of it, that might have been my worst experience even.


This for me is up there. For a long time this was to be the last “torture” section in an MGS game. The magnum opus. What a let down.

The Gekko Moo I also want to say really dampened the atmosphere of MGS4 for me, but I’m on the fence about it because there’s something in me that thinks it’s a hilarious and big peepee move to make these things that look like MG REX but are ostensibly more advanced, and are quickly surpassing battle tanks and straight up infantry as the main frontline fighting force, and they sound like farm cows. I think Kojima was trying to say something in there in like a “Real Slim Shady” sort of way but it’s so hamfisted I can’t even cope like that.

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Whenever I’ve replayed parts MGSV infront of my partner, I’ve either tactically avoided any and all missions where Quiet will be in booberella mode or anxiously and very quietly skipped though it quickly. :skull: The old pervy man element and boob loving Kojima-ism

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Speaking of horny Kojima, anyone try aiming a camera at the B&B unit following their respective unmaskings?

The Jeep ride is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in a video game. Bravo creatividad.

The moment in MGSV when you have to accept you’ve been served a pile of shit.

Most of PW, though at least that game had the decency to be mediocre from the beginning.

MGS4 act 4, towards the end I think its a scene where Hal is crying again, I remember wanting that game to end.

MGS3 escorting Eva.

Personally I don’t mind swimming with Emma. None of 2 really bothers me.

1 when it tries to be profound. Non-stop cringe compilation.


In the entire franchise? Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

-If you accidentally kill enough hostages in MSX Metal Gear, the game becomes unbeatable. Bad game design.

-At the time, when Metal Gear Solid 2 did the bait and switch with Snake & Raiden, I absolutely hated it. All the trailers showed only gameplay of Snake. When the game transitioned to the Tanker chapter, I was like, “Wow, a different character to play, cool.” Then when I saw ‘Iroquois Plisken’ I thought, "Okay, at some point I’ll switch back to playing Snake.

…I didn’t.

The sad thing is, I didn’t really mind Raiden at all. Seemed to play the part of an inexperienced combat guy then grew into it. Didn’t even mind the Emma hand holding/swimming mission, though I was frustrated with it at first.

-Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 2, the ‘I had a relationship with your mother’ line from Hal was a bit, jarring.

I was tearing up at Emma dying, felt so bad for Hal, then “Oh my god this is so sad - wait, you did WHAT with her mother?!” Just seemed totally from left field. I imagine it was intended to be a surprise, and well, it accomplished that mission admirably.

-The nut grabbing in both MGS 2 and MGS 3. Seemed both out of place.

-In MGS, the mines the game DOESNT tell you about. That was annoying.

-MGS4…, honestly Snake should’ve offed himself. The daddy reveal at the end felt so forced, so tacked on. Really felt like Konami pressured Kojima not to kill Snake. David Hayter said it best.

I never believed for a moment that Snake would hesitate to do it. He’s the one guy that knows that when it’s time; it’s time.

Nanomachines are a gigantic plot hole. At the end of MGS, Campbell said:

The batteries on the nanomachines will run out soon. I guess we won’t meet again.

Honestly, it would’ve been far more interesting if the plot involved addictive combat drugs instead of nanomachines. You could have PMC’s literally fighting each other for the chemicals. Then Liquid Ocelot has the ultimate combat drug, which the PMC’s take, but forces the PMC’s to fly under Praying Mantis, or whatever.

-Speaking of MGS4, I hated ID tagged weapons. DREBIN injecting blackmarket nanomachines so they can use weapons seems like an extra step. If he can do that, he can probably remove the ‘ID tag’ system of the guns to begin with, and if you know anything about guns, the idea of ID tag guns being impossible to bypass is laughable.

-Didn’t like the B&B unit. Seemed like a Kojima fetish thing for the sake of it being Kojima fetish. Seemed lukewarm and samey compared to the other mini-bosses of the series.

I was lukewarm with Metal Gear Rising. Didn’t feel like a metal gear game. It’s a good game, I enjoyed playing it.

Metal Gear Solid V feels unfinished because it IS unfinished. Repeating certain missions under higher difficulty to beat the game is not good game development in my opinion. Would be a 10/10 for me if the game was complete. We needed that Eli fight with Sahelanprothus. We also needed a fight against Psycho Mantis to knock him out (bc time paradox obviously).

-Konami’s treatment of Hideo Kojima. Why cook the golden goose, I’ll never know.

These are the least favorite moments I can think of off the top of my head.

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I’m not gonna lie, when Raiden broke out the “WEVE MANAGED TO AVOID DROWNING”, I literally laughed my ass off.

Imagine other events in your life that you announce that way.



Sometimes MGSV feels too big.

Great maps, but not enough substance.

After awhile, once I got the tranq sniper gun and figured out how to get the helmets off the guys, the game felt ridiculously easy

Kojima said his plan for Snake and Otacon was for them both to die, arrested and executed for their “terrorist” work with Philanthropy. But his whole team told him there was no way he could do that and that people would lose it over it so he bailed on it. I agree that you can see that all throughout different stages of the game and plot in MGS4 leading up to that silly ending, I remember that early trailer where we see Snake trying to kill himself and we never really saw any of that in the final game. That must have been followed by Kojima just either going further on with his ideas without restraining himself whatsoever or he was surrounded by yes men, because it felt like everything onwards was pretty unhinged Kojima.

Also I went back and watched that whole Eli confrontation episode that was unfinished yeah, although it wouldn’t have “fixed” MGSV, it would have been nice to have something that seemed a solid (excuse the pun) ending.

While there are countless unforgettable moments to cherish, I must confess that there is one particular scene that stands out as my least favorite.

The instance that comes to mind is the encounter with the Cobra Unit in “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.” As a lover of nature and a fervent advocate for its preservation, the gratuitous violence against The Pain’s bees deeply troubled me. Witnessing the wanton destruction of these magnificent creatures, even in the context of a game, left me with a sense of unease.

While I understand that the Metal Gear series has often explored complex moral and ethical dilemmas, this particular moment felt gratuitous and left a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling that such moments can provoke thought and reflection, but in this case, it was a bitter pill to swallow.




As many have said, least fav moments truly come from PO PW and MGSV. these games made grinding an artform. I miss the days of just gwetting a mission and fullfilling it. although i had fun with v it’s bloated.

I’m finding it reallly hard to think of moments in mgs1, probably the temperature changing pal card but even that had the chasing down a rat which was entertaining.

mgs2, maybe nude raiden because of self censoring, EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE WORLD RAIDEN! that’s why you can never be snake! snake got no shame!

mgs3, only when losing to the end, being sent back to the cell is very interesting the first time.

if you guys can’t tell, for the original solid trilogy i’m nit picking

4 - ohhh ho ho dont get me started. The middle east should have been a much longer segment but off courrseee, it’s the stalking in eurpose and the forced action segments in the end.