Marvel's Spider-Man

This trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 dropped last night at SDCC:

This game is a weird one for me, I really enjoyed the first one, Miles Morales felt a bit lacklustre in terms of story, side missions and unlockables (all areas where the original game mostly excelled, definitely never in side missions however) but made some fantastic QOL improvements which I’m excited to see manifest in this one, and I really wasn’t excited for it on announcement.

But now that I’ve recently rewatched the 1990’s Spider-Man Animated Series, I’m hyped! I’m thirsting for this game and it’s making me consider getting a PS5 much earlier than I anticipated.

Anybody else excited for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Or got any particular thoughts on the series as a whole, including Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine project?

I was in a similar boat to you. Really, really loved the first game and did basically everything in it because I found it fun, but I was really underwhelmed by MM, I’m not sure why. Didn’t really enjoy many fights or where the story was going, and I think maybe I just don’t like Miles that much, feels like a bit too much of a do-gooder maybe? Peter felt like he had more of a typical Spiderman sense of humour and lightheartedness to him, Miles just felt a bit too serious. I need to finish it as I just couldn’t get into the game so maybe things change. I am looking forward to 2 but not as much as others because of that but hopefully I’ll enjoy it like I did with the first.

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Yeah that game suffers from a really terrible antagonist - there’s no reason to really feel any sympathy for them, nor is there any reason why you feel invested in their relationship really, and that’s not because they didn’t try, I think it’s just that…



Is honestly quite a boring and non-motivated character, who’s meant to be intelligent but does just about anything other than listen or think about the problems at hand.

Also, the side missions were not great, especially the music mixing ones.

Yeah they dropped the ball with his character a bit - feels like they wanted to go 50/50 with him being a nervous, shy and do-gooder 17 year old who’s getting ready to go to Uni, as well as a fun-having and determined family boy, but managed to pull off neither. I think toward the end of the game, his personality shows through properly at last, but that’s only because story calls for it. I’m hoping with higher stakes of Spider-Man 2, Miles will have to have a bit more of a personality lmao.

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The story is what’s pulled me back. Going the “Harry Osborn is sick” route is so smart, because we know Green Goblin is coming at some point, the hints were all over the first game, so I think they have a chance to do something really special with the Norman, Harry and Peter relationships.

Calling it now: we’ve only seen Acts 1 (Kraven) and 2 (Venom) so far. Peter is gonna kill Harry in the Darkest Moment TM and that’s gonna cause Norman to snap, Act 3 will be Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin. Goblin will be the Doc Ock of this game, in the sense that we’ll see nothing in the trailers that hints towards him (or at least that’s how I remember the SM1 marketing, it was all Li and the other members of the Sinister Six) but he’s gonna be the mastermind Final Boss.

Gotta be real. I couldn’t care less about this iteration of Miles. Including Martin Li is a great way to add some character depth to him that is sorely lacking.

Other cool stuff: really looking forward to taking on Wraith.

While I always thought the first was gonna be a 13 in a dozen Spider-Man game, especially since I see a whole lot on the used market, I feel like I´m missing out after going through this topic.
Looks like I´ll add another huge game to my backlog… Sigh.
Won´t have any trouble finding a used copy in good condition this time.


I think thats a good guess, but my counter call would be that Peter tries to kill him, only to be interrupted by Miles, which gives us a Miles Vs. Peter boss fight.

Yeah this is similar to my thoughts too, I’m interested to see how they’ll match the personal levels of drama which the Doc Ock fight had with the father-son relationship the two had, making it quite heavy hitting and emotional. I’m at least hoping that there will be an attempt to match it anyway.

@ippikitako Definitely go for it. It sold like hot cakes upon release and there’s used copies in good nick everywhere going cheap. You could even get remastered on Summer Sale on PSN right now perhaps for a discount. You’ll suddenly see why people are raving about these games when you give the web swinging a good go lmao.


Cannot recommend this game enough to someone with even a passing interest in Spider-Man. This comparison has been done to death, but it’s like the Arkham games in that there’s influences from a lot of different Spidey media that comes together to form its own thing.

Side note: I tried Performance Mode on SM1 Remastered for the first time last night. I’m never going back.