Lost Soul Aside

I know there are a lot of DMC / general hack n’ slash fans here but holy shit have you guys seen this? Came up in my feed a few days ago but only looked at it now but it looks unreal. Very flashy and Final Fantasy looking but those combos, wow.

This is being made by Chinese studio UltiZeroGames and is coming to PC and PS5. Definitely expecting to see a lot more games coming out of China in the next few years, and from from looks of this and stuff like Black Myth: Wukong we’re going to see some really good titles.

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Not bad for an indie team, but it just looks like a rip-off of DMC to me, especially DMC5 with a bit of Final Fantasy XV sprinkled in. Still, I’ll be interested to see the finished product.

first off, chinese is such a beautiful language <3

secondly, so many sparkles and lights @.@ is every game on ps5 like this lol

i am perfectly okay with this