Konami registers Metal Gear Rising trademark

Just seen as of this morning, Konami have registered a trademark for Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania both, which don’t seem to be indicative of a renewal, unlike how these trademark registrations often make news.

I’ll be the first one to say don’t get your hopes up, but I foolishly have my hopes up very high so don’t even listen to me. I’ll be ecstatic to get a remaster or even a port to modern systems to be honest.

Im getting my hopes up and if this all crumbles i blame it solely on you.

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Please do Sad! I need all that pressure on me to make SURE there will be an MGR2!

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After all this time all I want is a remake of the Zanzibar missions, it seems so obvious yet it never happens.



While I don’t personally have any hope that we’ll see anything major of Metal Gear anytime soon, MG1 and MG2 are the only games that should be remade. They’re not only great concepts but have the most room to give whoever writes & directs a chance to take more liberties, and I am all over that.

That said, if there’s another Revengers game, I’m all over that too tbh. I don’t think one’s coming, but hey, I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong here.

Also, good to see you again, my dude.

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