Kojima's new horror game 'Overdose'

Here’s what we know so far:

Xbox exclusive

Can be played in third person or first person

Kojima describes it as a ‘game I’ve always wanted to make’

Hideo Kojima's New Horror Game is Dubbed "Overdose" - Try Hard Guides - this is the source that Kojima Productions asked to have removed.

I’ve personally not even played Death Stranding yet but you can probably count me in for this one.


Rumours circulating that it utilised cloud streaming in a pivotal way to the gameplay as well and, because of this, he approach Google with the concept prior too.

Will be interesting to see what it is.


Damn, guess this’ll be among the first Kojima titles I don’t play.

I imagine it’ll hit PC at the same time, it’s never really a true exclusive on Xbox - just console exclusive.

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I’m sure it’ll just be some weird experimental thing, similar to phone games. sounds like he’s busy with one thing already. I think whatever this is really is all about interesting ideas with the tech.

Now just called OD, Jordan Peele working with Kojima on this one.


The trailer, even though it was just Talking Heads, has me hyped ngl. Super intriguing. And I’m even more intrigued now to see it’s with Jordan Peele.

Yeah Peele feels like a good match to work with Kojima. Cool to see Hunter Schafer too. I’m also pretty stoked to see Udo Kier. He was a central character in Von Trier’s The Kingdom which I watched this year and was very entertaining in it.


Picrelated. Kojima should be able to use him well.

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Yeah I’m in, it hooked me. Anytime Kojima does something outside of his usual brilliant repertoire I’m stoked. Alas, I still pine for what could have been with Silent Hills…

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Color me curious. i will be waiting to see more. hopefully by the time of release i’ll have a new gaming pc set up to play this.

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Hm, wonder why it isn’t embedding…

Anyone else see the Silent Hills connections people have found in the trailer? I don’t know specifics but my wife was telling me people found some allusions to SH. Wonder if this is connected somehow.

yeah, the white girl screaming is VERRYYYY silent hill 3!

It’s because the letters A T A M I appear inside Udo Kier’s mouth at different points. Atami is a city in Shizuoka, the Kanji for Shizuoka (静岡) when read separately read as Silent 静 Hill 岡.

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There we go. I saw Kojima walked out of a very similar door to the Silent Hills one at some award show too.

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