Kept you waiting, huh?

Sadistic Greyfox (NightFox) and Kalash (Hessikin) here, you may remember us from the golden age of Tactical Socializing Action on the long dormant Metal Gear Solid Forums. In this day and age, faceless corporate message boards (like reddit and discord) have all but eliminated the human element and sense of community that used to bind fandoms together. This is why we’re reaching out to you, individuals that made not only a lasting impact on us personally, but also made the Metal Gear fandom a pleasure to be a part of.

In that spirit, we invite you to our new community: Metal Gear Legacy (MGL). MGL is our love letter to the Metal Gear fandom. Designed, built, and operated by fans for fans. MGL is a far cry from the forums and bulletin boards of yesterday. MGL’s infrastructure boasts features that put other platforms to shame. Trust us, it’s an entirely new experience, but it has a familiar feel and a community you already know.

This is the future of Metal Gear, and we want YOU to be part of it.

This is just the beginning. Going forward we will be curating a prime selection of content including series commentary and analysis, lifestyle accessories, a podcast, in depth discussion on the future of the series, and more. Stick around, big things are on the horizon.

- Paul (@Nightfox) & Jim (@Hessikin)

PS; Make sure you make an introduction HERE so we can get to know you!


Yeah we really did! I hope to see all of those old familiar faces again. I’ve missed you all so much the longer i’ve been away from each of you! I hope to catch up with everyone and maybe even make some new friends as well! Thank you so much for being part of our community, See you out there!