It's good to be back

Hey, most of you probably don’t remember me from MGSforums, I went to check what was going on to find the forum gone, a quick Reddit search got me here, either way, it’s good to be back.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy MGL. I can’t say I remember you, what years around about were you active and were you in an org?

I want to say around 2012ish I made the snow account, I had another account that I started when I was school so looking at around the start of the forums I think that was Kurt Cobain or something. I was in an Org but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. I was one of the ones that would come back for a month then drop off the face of the earth for six months, I am hoping now with push notifications and stuff I will be a bit more active for longer.



I remember you, but around 2012-2013 I wasn’t very active on the forums myself. On the forums I was BosaBoss.

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Well I’m impressed,I wasn’t expecting anyone to remember me after such a long time. The last few times I was active I don’t think I even made a post, just had a chat on the little chat box at the bottom of the page.

I remember you! (I think!). I was Mikey/Big Brother/other awful usernames thar my brain provided me in my teens and early 20s! Welcome.

I know the feeling, I question half the names I use to go by on xbox and psn. As I mentioned before my first mgsf name was Kurt Cobain😅I think I was a bit too much of a Nirvana fan.

Nice to know there’s one or two out there that remember me, I was gutted when I saw the acutal forum had gone, I know there was a psn group at one point but I don’t know if that has gone aswell.

Weren’t you in SEES? With a sig of Snow from Final Fantasy? Or maybe someone else had that sig.

Welcome back! This place isn’t as active as the MGSF of old but hey if you still chat to anyone from MGSF send them this way. The more the merrier!

That’s the one, I couldn’t for the life of me remember many of the group name’s. Yeah I still am a final fantasy fanboy. :sweat_smile:

It might be slower but it’s good to have that kind of community back, I was a little sad when I found out the forum had died, hopefully nostalgia will bring more of that lot back in time.

I don’t think we ever talked, but I remember most people with proper grammar. :sweat_smile: (from scouting for TP :eyes: the MGSF elite :eyes: )

I’m guessing you remember the awful grammar then, I’m still not perfect but I was awful on the old forum.:sweat_smile: I think I’ve only improved due to going to University.

Welcome! Don’t know if I remember Snow or Kurt Cobain but just come as you are and enjoy MGL! :slight_smile:

Also we’re on a Reddit thread?

Haha nice nod there.

Yeah the thread I found mentioned this website saying a few from mgsf are now on here.

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Welcome Snow! Thanks for taking the time to sign up!

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I remember you, but I’ve also known a few people with Snow as their name, LOL. either way welcome bud, midget strippers for everyone. Feeling the mgs itch again or just checking out the homies again?

I felt rather nostalgic for MGSF so went to check it out and see if anyone was still about.


Good to know! if you see any of the old heads around make sure to point em this way!


Will do Thanks buddy.

Welcome Snow, I remember you.

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