It’s alive!

Honestly props to whoever had the will and conviction to get this thing up and running when MGSF has been dead over well over 6 years now. Good to be back x


Welcome to the fold brother, I hope you all enjoy your time here! Good to see you around!

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We’ll need activity to keep it alive, Aragorn. I’ll expect your 1k post by next Sunday :+1:


Happy to see you back man!

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It’s good to see you back and about again, fam! Hope you’ve been doing well!

That be @NightFox and myself (Kalash69/Hunterwasser on MGSF). NightFox handled the headhunting and I built the site and set it up.

6 years huh, how’s that for necroposting? :joy:

Anyways, welcome! And thank you for signing up.


Honestly I wanted everyone here, all the fans, and i’m thrilled by the turn out of regs! i just wish i had access to all of them

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Yeah me too. We could only scrougne so many emails and such, and a lot of them are quite old.

If anyone has some old members in mind, please either send them the link or hit us up with their email, or ask Paul and I and we’ll give you a link to give them.

We do have something special planned for the first handful of members, everyone here right now were basically our hand picked list, the first people that came to mind and that we could find some contact info for.

There is still many, many old friends we haven’t been able to track down.

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Welcome let’s keep this place bumpin.

Welcome! Do you like playing chess? Because I feel like we played it together before. Either way I’m glad to see you here!