It All Started With You Peeps!

I came to MGSF in 2011 for basic information about the series. A year later my brother passed away, and I sank all my time time into talking about the series, using his netbook. Before I knew it people were looking to me for answers about the series. MGSF’s MGS Know-It-All 5 years running…or let’s face it, 2012 to 2020.

All my confidence came from writing there, but actually speaking to people was a seemingly impossible task. Then I became interested in another game, No Man’s Sky, and a community that welcomed me with open arms. I made many friends, and started to stream the game on YouTube. After my first stream, in which I could barely speak, I was told to just keep speaking…so nearly 3 years later I haven’t stopped speaking! Where it comes from even I don’t know. But it started with you.

I’m currently using the base building mechanic in NMS to build the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Which is a follow up to my first build Starbug from Red Dwarf (a ridiculous labour of love, that many thought was impossible).

I’ve recently started talking about MGS again on Reddit. And I’m planning to bring my studies of MGS to actually videos…something I’ve been dragging my heals on for many months now. My knowledge is not the same as it used to be, and I’ll soon be replaying the series for my channel, having just been made Twitch Affiliate.

I did 10,000 posts in about 3 years purely writing about this series. It was my life. I’m seriously protective of it still. I learnt much about how to express my opinion…and that facts are facts no matter how much you reckon…Big Boss was evil…and I will crush anyone who tells me different, because I’ve got years battle hardened road skills…sorry, ballistic still lurks inside me. So much so, I’ve developed my two opposing characters of an angel and a devil as my channel mascots. Although, they are possibly not as much as an affectation as I would like :thinking:

Ocelot was possessed. Vamp did have supernatural healing. Liquid’s hair was sun bleached. Big Boss used child soldiers. The science of genetics is surprisingly accurate. And the 20th of April used to be the day Raiden and Rose met, but now it’s the day football was saved.

:vulcan_salute::v::+1: James


Welcome back, fam! Good to see you back and aboot and hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy through this mayhem.

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I never go anywhere anyway, so it really hasn’t effected me much. I still don’t know anyone effected, so I’ve been lucky :sunglasses:

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Good to see you back man! I still remember your “Turtles all the way down” debate with Freeman from all those years ago hahaha

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Ayyy welcome back man!

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Welcome, Bali! Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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Hey, Balli, welcome! :smiley:

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Oh heck yeah, bal is back! Welcome man!

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Welcome back man! Great to see so many familiar names.

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Glad to see you dude, welcome!!

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Ballisticola! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!

Thank you for signing up!

There should be a short tutorial from @Otacon in your inbox to help you get accommodated with all the new features and such (this is a totally different beast than MGSF), and there’s a few threads in the Staff Announcements worth checking out to get caught up.

Hey if you know anybody else that has a vested interest in Metal Gear, please send them an invite! We’re trying to do this all by word of month at this point, and the more people we’ve got, the better the discussions are going to be.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @otacon display help.

Welcome ballisticola! Good to see another familiar face :smile:

welcome Balli, Hope you enjoy it here dude!


Self proclaimed MGS know-it-all 2018-2020 sincerely implies Raiden met Rose on 4/20 :smirk:

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I seriously said to my mother in law “I thought it was the 30th, but someone on Reddit said it was the 20th” :joy: No, self proclaimed 2017-2020 :wink: Not on knowledge, just on the fact that I could have said nothing for all those years and still won…as I did for a couple :joy: