I think I’ve gone completely insane

Kojima must’ve fed his designers crack when they designed the area before you fight The End.

I am willing to bend my knee to anyone who can tell me how to get to The End boss fight.

I have looked everywhere, but I’m going in fucking circles.


I’m trying to remember, is that the part where you have to back track to the warehouse and take the previously locked door inside?


Just after that bit, the forest before the cutscene where The End wakes up for the boss fight.

There’s like 3 areas, none of which seem to go anywhere. It’s an endless loop. I am truly a headless chicken at the moment. I’ve completed Snake Eater dozens upon dozens of times in the past, but as it stands I’m never gonna be able to do it again because I can’t find the exit :rofl:

There’s one area that leads to a fairly big building at the back of it with a small shack beside it that has food - it’s not that area. If you’ve gone there then go back to the previous area, and from where you’ll be standing after you’ve left, the correct entrance is basically parallel to that entrance on the right. At least that’s what I remember from having done it about a week ago.

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