Hi there Boys and Girls! Metal gear is back on the menu!

Hi there! This is you old bud, lover, enemy, sadistic_greyfox, new name, slightly smarter, (debatable) always excitable! I’ve missed you all soo much and I’m so excited to finally be able to provide a place for the community to finally congregate again. Recently I’ve found myself missing all of you so much and all the discussions we used to have all those late night theory fights and gaming sessions. I’ve met so many life long friends because of the forums. Me and Jim felt like we owed it to you all to provide a new home, a new beginning for everyone.

As you all know I’m an MGS Fanatic. I’m still talking about theories and themes of mgs and i hope we all can sit around and have a blast together

BTW the MOBILE site works amazing for this site, it’s real quality so you can take a dump while browsing! convenient huh? All my Johnnys out there are gonna flip SHIT!

You guys can finally see what’s in my sugar bowl! MISSED YOU! XOXOXOXOXXOXOX


Word! We really missed the sense of community we had back then, and when there were rumors of the MGS remake on the horizon (last September) Sad and I felt like we had to do something with MGSF being kaput (RIP).

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Yup, no matter how much our lives changed we still find time to talk about some aspect of metal gear. we were like, if we’re still like this i bet alot of the mgsf blokes are too, here we are and i hope to see alot more of your pretty faces!


True. We have intense Metal Gear discussions among ourselves all the time, but it’s just not the same without the community input and all the different MG experts and such contributing. Truth be told, it’s been a long time since I replayed MGS1, 2, 3, or 4 and a lot of the lore isn’t at the forefront of my mind these days, so it’ll be nice to have some new perspectives.