Hello there!

So hey. Been a long time since I joined a forum, fitting that it’s a successor to the very first forum I ever joined! I doubt many people remember me from MGSF though, I was never really that active outside the MGS discussions.

So here’s me. I’m an artist, I write sometimes, I read comic books like the secret of life is hidden inside them, I still play videogames religiously, movies, music, all that jazz.

So cool to be back!


Hey Heli! I remember you, good to see you!

Thanks for the welcome! I remember you too. Found out about this place on Reddit of all places haha.

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Hah that was my post, I happened to see that post today so I figured I’d see if any old heads might pop over here. Welcome!

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Then I’m glad you did! The announcement of the remake and the new collection has reenergized me as a fan, for a long long time I just stopped caring about MGS. Now I’m back in in a big bad way haha.

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Welcome buddy! I can’t say I remember you, but I think I made less than 10 posts in the MGS section hahahaha. Good to see you either way!

Unsure we have a comic book chat topic right now, but I’m reading Daredevil: Born Again atm in my free time, maybe we should make a topic so you can pass some recs. :grin:

Thanks for the welcome! A comic book discussion would be great! Born Again is so good, just a great story of determination and willpower.

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Welcome! I remember you. Indeed mostly in the MGS section, like me. And at one point you dissappeared, like me. :rofl:
I think we were global mods around the same time.
Anyways, great to see you here!

Heli, you were very much a valued member. I can’t believe you’d think people wouldn’t remember you.

Welcome back.

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Welcome and I absolutely remember you, Heli. We were in DC together at one point. Good to have you with us.

Hey Heli good to see you again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Heli! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy! Appreciate you taking the time to join man. I remember you from around the old forums, my old handle was Kalash.

Otacon should have sent you a DM, if you follow his tutorial it’ll get you acquainted with the boards here, very different from the old zeta and ip.boards we came up on.

If you need anything don’t be afraid to reach out to staff!

Wow I never thought I’d see this name again lol. This is sadistic_greyfox if you hadn’t known already (or if you can remember me lol) . You were one of the members that we did email but it must have been an old ancient address so it’s really good to finally see you here. I don’t think we actually talked to each other a ton but I always thought you were a quality dude. I may be wrong though as this is an over decade old memory lol.

It’s Good to see you here, and I hope we can have more discussions TN the future

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Even after I stopped using the old site, I held a lot of affection for the time I spent on it and especially the people I met through it. So happy to have discovered this place!