Happy Birthday!

Happy 15th Anniversary Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. :partying_face:

Alright. Now I feel réally old.


15 years later and Snake is still chain smoking waiting for the install to finish!


Despite my qualms with the game and the way the plot went, I still have a lot of love for it. I love Old Snake’s design and the fact that we got to play as a character like him as I don’t think I’ve seen another one like him. Acts 1 and 2 were so good to play, it’s just a shame the rest of the game didn’t continue that. That hype cycle leading up to it was unmatched.

MGS4 might have been the most hype I’ve ever been for a game pre-release. At the time, I was very deep into MGS lore, replaying the prior three non-stop, and MGS4 didn’t initially disappoint, it took me several play throughs to really grasp all the issues I had with it. Ultimately, I look back on it fondly. Looking forward to replaying it soon.

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Have to agree about the hype leading towards the release.
Prior to the release I played the 1-2-3 a few times in order. Went to the launch event in Amsterdam where Hideo, Yoji and Yumi were signing. Which makes me remenisce about the biggest mistake I ever made; selling my signed copy of MGS2. :cry: Needed the money really bad back then but I regret it even more now. Even tried to find out who I sold it to but ebay has removed all that…
About the game itself. Until MGS5 I always considered MGS4´s gameplay one of the best on PS3 and PS4. Story wise my least favourite, but the gameplay and going back to Shadow Moses made up a lot.


I actually think I recall you talking about this on MGSF and maybe posting up your signed gear. Really cool event to have attended anyway, despite selling the memento - the memory seems more than enough!

Great memories indeed. Yumi was/is gorgeous too lol.
Yeah, I think .Liquid. or -Liquid- made a topic back then. Couple years ago I went back to get the pictures back, but photobucket or whatever I used broke them.

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