Been a fan of the Metal Gear franchise for a long time. Started my journey on the NES port of Metal Gear. Still to this day, I want a T-Shirt with the meme, “Uh Oh! The Truck Have Started To Move!”.

Used to post on SnakeSoup, but that forum has been dead for a long time. I still play Metal Gear sporadically.


welcome! I feel asleep!


Hey there man welcome! Started out on the news huh? That’s some real stripes. Even though mgs3 had the 2 og games I never actually completed them.aeen them plated a few times though. Welcome to the boards though dude. We are a small community of lifelong and some are somewhat jaded fans. We hope to see more of you! Thanks for joining!

Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy Sp33dSnake! Appreciate you joining up. Not many interested in forums these days, unfortunately. We’ve got a great community here full of Metal Gear Die Hards though, so you’re among friends!

Curious, how did you come across our site?

Metal Gear Discussion discord, was DM’d and told ppl went to this site now, lol.


LOL Brilliant. Not sure who reached out but thank you!

If you find you need help, have questions, whatever don’t be afraid to hit us up! There’s a lot more of the site that you’ll unlock as you post more, that’s where the meat of the discussion is these days, at least until we get some new MG content to feast on!

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Beat the MSX games. Precisely once. Those old games have a lot of ‘BS Deaths’ and ‘Where the fuck do I go?!’ in them.

I did it via MGS 3 Subsistence. Tried to do it with an MSX emulator, but the english translation wasn’t out yet.

I encourage you to at least beat MG 2: Solid Snake. Honestly it’s the 8 bit version of Metal Gear Solid and well ahead of its time. Would rec to keep a walkthrough handy when (and you will) get stuck.

If there was any game in the franchise worthy of a remake, it’s MG2: Solid Snake in my opinion.


Welcome! Good to see new faces here.

Also I completely agree with this entire post. I decided to do a replay of the whole series a few months ago (mind I take a long time to get through anything with my work hours, commuting and time with the family when I am home, and I’m only halfway through MGS2 now after taking a huge delay thanks to Zelda:TOTK and FFXVI) but this time I said I’d finally play MG and MG2:SS.

MG was a chore to get through (that truck section sent me over the edge), but I was astounded at MG2:SS and how good it is, I’d absolutely love a remake as that’s the game that needs it. I couldn’t believe how much MGS1 (my favourite) borrowed from it, maybe that’s the main reason why a remake might not happen but I enjoyed it so much, added so many layers to Snake and characters like Grey Fox and Big Boss. I was mostly OK for a guide except for the Hind D section and needing medicine but it didn’t dampen my experience at all. Soundtrack is fantastic too.


That fucking POW code signal. There was no way to know that unless you looked it up. xD


Oh yeah I forgot that too, I remember I was being stubborn and telling myself “there has to be some logic and way to figuring this out here in the game” so I kept at it but had to give up. Crazy when you go back to so many early PS1 games or anything previous and how much games seemed to actively make things difficult for you (let alone just not hold your hand). :laughing:

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I’ve heard that many of these cryptic things in these old games were intended to foil the rental market. Then you had Nintendo Power, and back then, IGN actually had homemade walkthroughs to help you get through a lot of it.

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I remember the Snake Soup but don´t think I ever joined. Anyways, good to see you here and welcome! Always great to meet new fans of the og series.

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I dont know if i ever joined either. i had heard of it a ton too, maybe checked it out once or twice as well, tbf this was a few years where i was a rebellious “MGS SUCKS” kinda guy, glad i’m over it BUT could have been during those years!

I don’t remember Snake Soup either. There was another MG board, but I can’t quite recall that one either, I just remember the members being really cliquey and unwelcoming the few times I posted there. Wasn’t Snake Soup though.

I mean, we did have back to back (“canon”) entries of MGS4 then Peace Walker so that attitude wasn’t unjustified.


Hello fellow MGS fans. I’ve come from an old place called MGSForums. Maybe some of y’all heard of it. I saw a message from an old friend there and came here. I miss that old site but hopefully this site is just as good. My favorite Metal Gear is Sons of Liberty and a toss up between MG2/MGS1. Here’s to many more posts.


Welcome! I think i remember your username. Hope you’ll stick around.

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Yup I remember you too. Saw Sad and Wayno on here as well. Man those were the days. Thousands of posts. Lol. But yeah if this place is active I will be here to stay.


You’ll see more than that I bet. Some old timers just changed their usernames :face_exhaling:

Those were good times. Hope we can make some more here!

Yeah, here’s hoping. I remember doing the MGS2 VR missions challenges, those were fun. Maybe with the delta remake we’ll see a revival in interest. Even if I’m not too hyped over it.

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