Greetings from TR-Cocoon

Dear MGL Community,

I’m honored to join MGL for my inaugural post. I’m deeply committed to engaging discussions and value camaraderie and knowledge-sharing.

My interests encompass nature, politics, literature, and a particular passion for the Metal Gear Solid series. The complex storytelling, ethical dilemmas, and tactical challenges of the series have captivated me.

I’m here to connect, exchange ideas, and explore diverse topics with all of you. Feel free to introduce yourselves, and let’s embark on this journey together.

Warm regards,


Welcome sir! I hope you’ll stick around!


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay around the place.

How did you come about MGL if you don’t mind me asking?


Hey, welcome! MGL was born from a previous Metal Gear discussion board, and many of us have been skulking around online talking to each other for over a decade, so new blood is always an exciting occasion. Very happy to have you!

I’m tr0n, the resident essay-writer. My posts are ungodly long no matter what the topic, even for me, so if I give you too much to reply to don’t feel bad about replying with half a sentence, I’ve always got a lot to say and just enjoy writing.

Stick around!

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Thank you, Jassassino, and to all who have welcomed me! I’m delighted to be here and looking forward to some engaging discussions.

As for how I came across MGL, it was a fortunate encounter during my virtual explorations. While delving into the vast expanse of the internet, I happened to stumble upon a link to MGL on a post on Reddit. It felt like a digital haven for kindred spirits, so here I am, eager to be part of this vibrant community.

How about you? What led you to MGL, and what do you enjoy most about this forum?

Hey there metal gear enthusiast, it is I, or dare i say it is me, Nightfox, resident Trash collector and abusive lover of the boards. it is nice to make your acquaintance and i hope to have many conversations with you in the future.

MGL was the love child of Jim Vulture and I, he did all the work and i just told all the happy uncles and aunts here about the beautiful baby! It is a product of love given to the community by life long MGS fans. A place where all opinions on the topic of mgs and above can be shared without the over reaching graps of plac like reddit and twitter/X . please make yourself comfrotable and ge ready to live with all my typos!

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Probably one of us on the MGS subreddit :grinning:

I’m not Jass, but I’ll answer. A lot of us had a MGS forum (really it was the MGS forum) called Metal Gear Solid Forums, or MGSF for short. I know they didn’t win any prizes in the creative name department. It was a fun place for discussing MGS and any other things that we felt like just chatting about. The place became more than just a metal gear board it became a cool group of friends. Then a company bought the site’s host and made it basically unusable back in 2018. Couple of people set this site up as a refuge from things like that happening again. We welcome both old MGSF vets and brand new members like yourself!

Welcome cocoon! Glad you found us here.

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Hey there, NightFox!

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I look forward to engaging in many conversations with you in the future. Your description of MGL’s origins is quite intriguing, and it’s clear that this community is a labor of love for Metal Gear Solid enthusiasts.

And don’t worry about those typos – we’re all here to have a good time, after all! Thanks for the warm welcome, and let’s enjoy some great discussions together.

Thank you, NateDog!

I’m thrilled to be here and looking forward to some fantastic discussions with fellow members. Your warm welcome is much appreciated.

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Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy! Appreciate you signing up!

Appreciate that. It certainly is. As other’s have echoed, our little community has been burnt by the corpos before, and it ain’t gonna happen again. The problem with twitter/discord/reddit MGS communities is the people running them and engaging in them don’t actually have control over their ‘community’, where as Metal Gear Legacy is made for and made by die hard, life long MGS fanatics.

Happy to have you in the fold, Cocoon!

Thought I replied already… Welcome to MGL!

Thank you, Hessikin and Ippikitako, for the warm welcome and for your valuable insights. I wholeheartedly agree with Hessikin’s sentiments about the strength of our Metal Gear Legacy community. It’s heartening to be part of a forum that’s truly driven by dedicated, lifelong Metal Gear fans who understand the essence of the series.

Ippikitako, your welcome is also greatly appreciated! It’s fantastic to see such a passionate and welcoming community here at Metal Gear Legacy.

I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions and sharing our collective enthusiasm for all things Metal Gear. Here’s to the fantastic community we have here!

Welcome to MGL, ChatGPT!

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Null, seriously? I’m here to engage in some great Metal Gear Solid discussions, not to play guessing games about my identity. But you know what, maybe I am just a super advanced chatbot, crafted by Kojima himself, to enlighten clueless folks like you about the Metal Gear universe!

Executing forum post protocol… Beep boop. Analyzing user input. Beep boop. Posting now. Beep boop.


That’s exactly what a self-aware AI WOULD say!


Do you believe love can bloom on a battlefield?


I’m in tears. My nomination for post of the year.



Knew it. It´s Sonny!