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I’ve almost finished Ragnarok now, and while it started off incredibly, I do feel as if it’s faltered somewhat during the middle. Nothing crazy, but enough nagging pacing issues to bother me, I guess.

Regardless, I still find God of War and Ragnarok to be two of the best story-based games I’ve ever played. I’m not sure if a third entry is inevitable, I guess we’ll see how Ragnarok ends (please spoiler tag if you’ve completed it).

How do the rest of you guys feel about it? I never enjoyed the original trilogy that much, although I did play them and finish them. This is one of the best examples of a reboot ever, IMO.

I struggle to articulate my thoughts and reasons behind this opinion, but I think Ragnarok is a considerably better game than GOW 2018. I don’t know whether it’s the QoL touches, the additional polish, the additional realms, more diverse boss fights or whether I was simply more captivated by the story, but I fucking loved Ragnarok in a way that GOW 2018 didn’t quite manage to grab me. A genuine 10/10 game for me, and I don’t give out 10s very often.

Also, The Crater is potentially the best “side area” in video games, that was a phenomenal distraction to the main story.

I’m very close to the end now I feel, I’m just about to


storm Asgard, and was impressed with the twist of Tyr being Odin all along. Although I was somewhat confused, was Tyr EVER Tyr?

My opinion seems to shift dramatically at the moment, but ultimately my main gripes are some of the environments are quite dull and boring to traverse a second time around, and some minor gameplay mechanics like Artreus having to whip out the mask and follow it became quite tedious in certain segments.

They are quite minor though, so maybe I’m being too harsh. For now, GoW 2018 > Ragnarok for me, but we’ll see.

Is this a question you actually want the answer to or do you want to keep playing?

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Oooh, I think I’ll see how it plays out…

I finished the game last night. I think ultimately I give it a 9/10. It’s on par with GoW 2018, and I find them very difficult to separate.


It was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be. Is it just me who thinks they were hinting at Kratos and Freya essentially coming together to rule the realms? I know Kratos saw the vision of himself as the God of Peace, but I also felt like there was some chemistry with him and Freya towards the end.

It’s a shame SM won’t be doing another game. There’s a lot of potential there for a third entry IMO.

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I think I’m at peace with it. I think it would have been very easy to stretch this game out to revolve just around Thor, and then a third game around Odin, but I’m happy to have 1 excellent game as opposed to 2 games that could have started to get a little stretched.

Don’t you think a third game in which


Kratos and Freya unite the realms and he becomes God of Peace could be compelling?

I literally just got God of War (PS4) today, so not reading the summaries.

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Eager to hear what you think, it’s genuinely an amazing reboot IMO.

You doing any of the post-game stuff in Ragnarok Henry?

Yep, going to go for the Platinum - don’t think I ever did it in the last game which is weird.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a certain post-game optional boss, because I damn near lost my mind trying to beat it.

Platinum is fairly achieveable here, as long as you can find a good guide to get all the ravens.

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Looking forward to it, though it´s in the backlog for at least a few weeks. Depends if I want to dig out the PS3 again first and do FFXIII and FFXIII-2. :sweat_smile:
Always love me some mythology in a game. Can´t wait for Hades 2.

I honestly don’t think it gets more in-depth or better than the mythology and lore explained in God of War games you know. The reboots took it to another level.

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Haha, I´m not. Now that I´ve played longer it´s… not bad! Not kidding though, I´m a lot more interested than the 1st hour of gameplay. Before this I never played a single God of War game. So the first hour where there wasn´t much to do and Kratos was like, BOY! BOY! BOY! I was like, what IS this…?
I enjoy it now. I love that


I´m carrying a talking severed head on my belt now. :rofl:

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“I am going to cut off your head now”.

“Fair enough.”

Mimir is the BEST.

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So I´ve completed the story, along with most of the side quests.
Started this as a God of War virgin. Maybe I´ve put the 1 or 2 in my PS2 once,when they came with a bundle of used games I bought but that´s it. Back then I also didn’t like hack n slash games. Didn´t have as much frustrations back then as I do now I guess.
Ater the first hour, I honestly regretted starting it. Seemed like a PS3 launch game to me in terms of gameplay. Other than “BOY! BOY!..”, there wasn’t much dialogue or lore either. That did get much better and the story got much better, there was more to do. I´m enjoying the game now. The lore is great. Mimir is the biggest reason for this. Always love one of his stories when you´re just chilling in your boat or walking around.
I´m going for the platinum so now it remains to complete some quests. I´ve defeated 7 Valkyries. Last one, except the Queen (?), is in Niflheim no doubt. Which I still have to begin. Did most of Muspelheim except for the part where you need 3 keys. I think I need about 10 ravens. 1 artefact in Midgard, and I suppose there will be more in Niflheim. Two treasures. Then upgrade the Leviathan, and I think that´ll be the platinum.
Somewhere at the beginning I thought I was going to play this one against my will and certainly not buy Ragnarok, but I’m now considering adding that to the long backlog as well. I just hope Atreus isn´t as annoying as he was in the first game.

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Happy to hear you enjoyed your time with the game!

Ragnarok is like this game on steroids. It’s kinda like Jedi Survivor in that you start the game with pretty mmuch everything you unlocked in the first game, and then the new game just keeps adding to your arsenal and abilities. It’s a great sequel.

Spoilers for God of War, not Ragnarok

Unlocking the Blades of Chaos is a top ten gaming moment of all time for me. I was a huge fan of the Greek era games, but I made my peace that Kratos didn’t need the Blades any more and I fell in love with the Leviathan axe (just hitting the recall button still feels great to this day) really quick. So, I wasn’t expecting to see any of the various weapons from the previous games, let alone the OG Blades of Chaos.

Good to hear that. I´m reading contradictory opinions here and there.


I agree. Although I´ve never fully played the old games, I´ve always seen him with those blades and knew the story behind them.


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