Fine Wine Personified: MGS2 Praise thread

You ever play a retro game and the controls just feel super clunky and obtuse? (looking at you, Snake Eater and MGS1). THEN there are the retro games that feel super buttery and smooth and you just get that rush of “ahhh yeah this is the stuff!”

MGS2 is that game for me. It just plays so SMOOTH, the camera never does anything egregiously stupid and even when its in a less than optimal spot the soliton radar is there (unless you havent gotten to the node yet).

I have become less impressed by the story as I grow older (I think the graphic novel adaptation did it better), but for me the gameplay remains perfect


Can’t deny the controls feel smooth as fuck. Aiming at first person takes a bit of gtting used to but that might just be because modern FPS games have spoiled me. If I’m not mistaken I think even some speedrunners agree that it’s one of the best MGS games to speedrun.

It’s also crazy how Kojima managed to predict the current state of politics and how much useless information people are exposed to in the internet.


Paul Eiding reading Mueller’s report about the foreign incursion into the election;

I really feel like Metal Gear in general, but specifically MGS2 primed me to be able to recognize patterns of control like we’ve been seeing in recent years. I do think that these systems of control have always kind of been in place, but the internet has made it the easiest it’s ever been to manipulate the masses.

Metal Gear and the X-Files taught me to trust no one, and question everything.


QHS, dawg! this is the first metal gear game that you can do that in lol

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I think a great example of this is doing a no-kill / no alerts run on European Extreme. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in gaming, with the Tengu and Solidus sections being tough but the RAY section standing out specifically (not that I helped by having such low health that one hit in that fight left me bleeding out). But getting that fight right requires some ridiculously well-timed moves and attacks and that wouldn’t be possible if the controls weren’t so good.


MGS2 HD (the PS3 version, not the PC version currently on GOG) might be coming to PC according to the NVIDIA GeForce Now leak:

What do I say to this? Finally, one less reason to use my PS3 again!

This will be a day one get for me. I’ve been holding off buying there mgs2, just cause it’s the damn PC version that had its own share of problems

I make no bones about it. MGS2 is my fav metal gear, sure it was ahead of it’s time with it’s prophetic like story telling. MGS2 makes so much more sense now since we’re living through this era. Every time I replay MGS2 I pull something new out of it. Just something I didn’t register in my thought process before or I may have misinterpreted. I guess it’s the same as a good novel for me. I can just replay this until the end of time.

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