Fallout Chat Topic (No Mutants Allowed!)

Hated FO3. Hated FO4 (even though I got it like…2 weeks ahead of the release date). New Vegas was alright from what I played - but I just can’t do Bethesda. Most vapid design philosophy I’ve ever seen.


Gonna sound weird, but every time I make a satisfying kill on New Vegas using their dice roll gunplay, I have your criticisms of Fallout gunplay ring through my skull back and forth LOL. I remember so vividly your rants about the diceroll element of it all and how you’re railroaded into overpowered gameplay strategies.

many things have changed over the years but the one thing that hasn’t is that I’m a certified Bethesda hater. If Bethesda has a million haters I’m one of them. If they have one hater it’s me. If they have 0 haters I have died. If the world is against Bethesda I am with the world, if the world is for Bethesda I am against the world.


Aye, couldn’t agree more. I’m not sure how they’re still in business with the amount of failures and botched launches they’ve produced. I hear Starstream or whatever they’re space game is called flopped hard too. What a fucking disgrace. I wish Microsoft would strip them of the Fallout franchise and actually do something interesting with it. FO4 and FO76 were slop, but 76 was particularly bad. I played it again recently and holy shit, I don’t know how they have a fucking player base.

(You are undeniably correct to hate on them)

Yeah this was a shambles. Anyone with two working brain cells could see where it was going, but holy shit did it turn out even worse than that. To combine an already extremely lazy, purposefully small development team with procedural generation - at that point, just play Outer Worlds. There’s no reason other than being a rabid fanboy to play that game.

Although I will say that Starfield Xbone controller looked sick. A proper polaroid/NASA 90’s aesthetic about it.

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Dunno if this has been mentioned yet but there is a certified crazy man attempting to entirely remake Fallout 2 in a 3D Doom/Build Engine style.

I played some of the Alpha myself. It’s rough right now, not even a pause menu rough, but yeah it’s Fallout 2 for sure. I shout at the heavens for this to continue development. I too, over the past couple years, have just stopped getting any enjoyment out of the Bethesda Fallouts, yet FO2 stays evergreen for me.


I’ve been eagerly watching the development of this, really excited to see it a little more fleshed out. Ideally, I’d love to see FO and FO2 remade with the ability to switch between isometric and first person. Shame proper Fallout is essentially dead but I can dream. I reckon if they do another game it’s going to be some lame television tie-in.

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Don’t. Do not. Don’t you put this out into the universe, lest it becomes reality. I don’t even want to think about that show. From what I hear it’s decent, but Todd’s insistence on centering Bethesda’s artistic choices and trying to force everyone to forget the Interplay Era makes my blood boil. They looked at Vault Boy and went “Oh I get it, that’s the entire shtick.”

Look at me. Look at me in my eyeballs, Todd:

You will NEVER make T-60 or T-45 power armor the ‘iconic’ Fallout power armor. N-E-V-E-R. You will N E V E R outdo Interplay’s original art direction. Steel yourself, change your damn diaper, and actually DO SOMETHING with the intellectual property your overlords bought you. They have got truckloads of lore and universe to work with and repeatedly they choose to make their own tacky, watered-down version instead.