Fallout Chat Topic (No Mutants Allowed!)

I’ve been thinking of replaying Fallout 1 again recently and I was wondering if you guys wanted to chat about one of the most iconic gaming franchises to date.

I’m still yet to finish Fallout 2, I got into a shit save-lock (my fault for not making regular saves to be fair) and I’ve never want back to it. But these are masterclass games when it comes to writing, world and story (for the most part).

What’s your favourite Fallout game? Miss a mechanic you wish they would bring back? What are you even hoping for in the future with this series, now that Obsidian and Bethesda are both Microsoft properties, do you think we’ll have a new title funded?

Fallout 76 praise is BANNED in this thread!

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I still need need properly play 1 and 2. Started 1 many moons ago but my laptop went bust.

My favourite is New Vegas by a mile, had such a good time playing it. I still have fond memories of 3 even though I never finished it, it was one of my first real RPGs and I spent 20 hours going off course having fun exploring and missed loads of the main story so I just stopped. Didn’t like 4 at all, I found it really dull and it never gripped me, and I thought 76 didn’t seem right before release and hey-ho it was the mess that everyone remembers it being now. Guess I’ll have to get an XSX for Fallout 5 but I’m still excited for whenever that’ll be.

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God same, I’ve spent hundreds of hours collectively in New Vegas and it’s got such fantastic replay value that you can hardly put it down. I remember exhausting every line of dialogue in some quest lines which I was really curious about and reading every entry in terminals.

I had Fallout 3 before New Vegas but honestly I only enjoyed the DLC LOL. The rest of the game, take it or leave it for me. I think that has some of the worst map/level design in a game I’ve ever witnessed tbh.

I was the same, made sure I took every path I could feel of towards the end and just had so much fun soaking up the world. Of the bit if FO3 I played I loved it but true enough I never hear people talk about it that much these days, not for its story anyway.


I’ve never played a single fallout but I have the nuka cola print cause I thought it looked cool

Never played 1 and 2 (or tactics) played 3, new vegas and 4 though.

Hard to pick a favourite out of those games though, they all had their charms and drawbacks. Fallout 3 was my introduction to the series and will always hold a special place in my heart. New Vegas whilst awesome, was plagued with bugs on console and I always modded the shit out of it on PC so it didn’t run much better there either.

4 I loved a lot of things for, mostly the crafting and base building. Spent way too many hours at red rocket building a big dirty base with a load of power armour. My main gripe was the game was like ‘welcome to the game, here’s a suit of power armour’. 3 was good because you had to earn that shit.


One of the best franchises ever made.

I really don’t know what’s my fav anymore…probably NV if I’m looking deep within myself.

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I only played 3, New Vegas nd a liiiitle bit of 4.

But I gotta say I do like what I’ve seen in New Vegas. Really feels like your character has an impact on the story rather than just having some minor dialogue changes like in some other RPGs.

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I started on 3 never played 1 or 2. Then new Vegas and 4 and we all know 4 and 76 were some big let downs. New Vegas is still my favorite and most likely always will be. Between the good mods, story, and how your decisions actually matter. Can’t beat it.

I just love in NV how the name the courier feels like it has own mysterious and word of mouth elliments as you play. People will say “so you are the courier” the more you play and the decisions you make the more the name gets fame it feels like.


If we ever get a proper Fallout 5 (which means not whatever the fuck 76 was trying to be) where do you guys want the locale to be?

I’ve always dreamt of a post apocalyptic Miami or New Orleans personally. Not literally…because that would be genocidal and weird.


This is the dream, especially New Orleans. I think there’s so much untapped potential in some states which I’d really love to see, though prior to 76 I would have definitely listed West Virginia in my “Would like to see” list and its apparent how that turned out lmao.

Have you seen this? Seriously great looking mod and their developer updates seem to show a deep appreciation and professionalism for multiple facets of Fallout, from the originals to Bethesda’s spin.


Yeah I did see that, it’s awesome.

I wish they’d hurry up and release a new game tbh, 4 never had that reply ability itch that 3 and NV provided

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Would love to see what scary ass super mutants are lurking about in the Big Apple



Easily New Vegas. In fact New Vegas might be my favorite game, and I certainly have played FNV more than any other game. The post-apocalyptic retro-futurist American west resonates with me in ways I don’t understand. Though, I do find myself quite drawn to the desert in general (me in the Mojave pre-pandemic). It’s very peaceful and lonely but not desolate. Particularly in the Mojave, there’s plenty of snakes and scorpions and lizards and plants and such. It’s very beautiful landscape and New Vegas captures the feeling of the desert and those in between places so well.


I’ve got nearly 200 mods running mostly perfectly right now through years of trial and error. It feels like a totally different game altogether from when I first played it way back when. My current play through has been a wild ride so far to say the least, playing as a 50’s and 60’s Hollywood Cowboy Stuntman type with extreme anger issues bordering on psychosis. Haven’t played in about a year but after I’m settled I’m returning to this save as it’s probably been my favorite playthough to date, just being completely unhinged.


It better be. Fallout is one of the more unique series to come around and I think there is ALOT left on the plate. Microsoft would be fools to not bring it back bigger and better than ever. The formula is there, look at what FO2 and New Vegas did and apply it with a new unique story. If they were really smart they’d get a team of people to see what the absolute best mods are and integrate those ideas too.

100% agree. Especially New Orleans. There’s so much they could do with New Orleans.

I think they did quite a good job with the map and such, it’s just almost everything else in that game is Mirelurk Shit.

This and FO4NV look great! Excited to play them.

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Fallout 76 praise is BANNED in this thread!

Honestly I didn’t think it was so bad, but it had to be played with friends.

I’d like another Fallout game too, but I think Bethesda are too busy working on Starfield for us to get one soon. Lucky that the other games have so much replay value, I think we’re stuck with them for a while.

When we played it, albeit it was the beta the week before release, it was broken. me and my buds followed thaat game closely for months hoping it’d be patched then we just gave up. We had high hopes it was just new release jitters but darn did they screw the pooch on that one. What state is it in now?

ALSO the fallout 4 NEW VEGAS mod is another one all of you show keep an eye on!

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Any updates on that one?

I’ve heard it’s gotten better and they actually added NPC’s back in, but it’s very much a glitchy mess. I haven’t looked into it for over a year though.

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I recently replayed through Fallout 1 a couple of times. That game really holds up. FO2 is even better. Great games. I loved New Vegas but it definitely needs patches and polish. PC versions are the best. I liked Fallout 3 but if I’m gonna play it, I prefer to just play Oblivion lol. FO4 was a let down. Didn’t go anywhere near '76


For real! It’s a timeless one and with the HD patches the steam version has that cleans up the odd messy texture, it’s going to remain like that for a real long time.

I was even listening to the OST today at work lmao, it’s just perfect and really understands and taps into some good music and sound theory IMO.

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Yeah the soundtrack and SFX blend together perfectly with the environments as well. Just a great experience all the way through