Embedding Xeets

X Posts don’t seem to display the way they should when embedded. I know that site is spiralling rn but is there a way to enable that? How it is right now you’d might as well hyperlink but we have this fancy HTML forum so it seems a shame.

プッハーー! 🪵🦫#トリアスふれあい動物園#ビーバー #アメリカビーバー#ムク くん
2023.11.16 pic.twitter.com/dJEk9zmk9z

— びからった (@vibaotter) December 3, 2023

Trying to figure it out, there’s nothing on this end that changed and Tweets used to embed just fine. Something on X’s end changed I reckon. I’ll have a look around the discourse forums and see if anyone has a remedy, but more than likely we just gonna have to wait for the next CMS update so you can thank Elon Musket in the meantime.