E3 2021 - Chat Topic

This year’s E3 2021, just like every year, promises to be bigger and better and bolder. But will it live up to it? Most likely not, that still doesn’t stop us from speculating about it though!

What are your hopes from E3 2021? Any particular news, leaks or ideas you have and want to discuss? Bring it all here! It’s less than 2 weeks away now!

I’m personally hoping for something (God, just anything at this rate) from Nintendo which can get me hyped for the Christmas release period. It’s Zelda’s anniversary and we’ve seen fuck all, I would love some Breath of the Wild 2 news or just an interesting Smash character announcement.

Microsoft, Obsidian and Bethesda have their conferences coming up for E3 and I’m really hoping we’ll get something from them which can get us hyped up too. Less so Bethesda - I’m really not engaged in any of their franchises anymore and I highly doubt that TES6 will live up to a certain quality we all expect/hope from it.
Around the same time, we’ll have EA Play and the Square Enix showcase too, perhaps our leaked FF Soulslike game will come to light for PS5 then? Maybe we’ll get Hitman Vs. Splinter Cell? It’s more likely than anything to celebrate the Tomb Raider anniversary. At this rate, I’m clutching at straws. No idea why, I’ve already hit the 20 character limit for posts!

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Elden Ring release date and Tekken 8 announcement for me. We’re getting two years of news rolled into one so there’s reason to be optimistic. From Bethesda there were murmurings of a Fallout 3 remake, wouldn’t mind that. I doubt i’ll be getting a next gen console regardless unless Snoy force my hand with Persona 6 or something.

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God, this would be fucking brilliant. Tekken 7 is still a fantastic game and it’s got a phenomenal roster, but it’s at the end of its lifecycle now and I really think the franchise needs a new instalment to give us the missing features of this time around (Team Battle, Survival Mode, Time Attack, etc.)

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Any reason to buy a next gen console tbh

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I want to see something from Gotham Knights. I was cautiously optimistic about that game but that wavered when it dropped from the face of the earth for eight straight months or whatever then got delayed by a year. I love Batman games but was incredibly underwhelmed by Arkham Knight, and want very badly for this game to be good despite having co-op and a level system. Right now, it’s the biggest game I’m eager to hear from, just as a Batman fan.

Everything else is a “come as you go” sorta excitement, like BotW2. I know it’ll be amazing since BotW is one of my all time favorites, so whenever it comes around, I’ll be giddy.

I don’t really know what I want out of this E3. It’s the first time I’ve gone into it without any real hope or expectations.

Hopefully Capcom announce the next Resident Evil game (preferably not a 4 remake, but it feels inevitable at this point), and I’d love to see updates for God of War: Ragnarok and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

As far as Nintendo go, I realise people are hoping for BOTW2 but as far as I’m concerned, Metroid Prime 4 should be ahead in the queue, it feels like an eternity since that got announced. One day they’ll revive F-Zero as well.

didn’t you die on the hill that AK was amazing

You might be thinking of someone else there, fam. That or I did and I’m just misremembering.

I may have said the mechanics were amazing, but as a game, it didn’t do anything interesting with its mechanics, and suffered from forcing you to use the goddamn batmobile way too much. To say nothing of its shit boss fights, especially when compared to its “black sheep” predecessor, Arkham Origins, which I enjoyed a helluva lot more than AK.

I’m not particularly looking forward to any games right now (except for The Great Ace Attorney in July, and whatever Kojima Productions may be working at the moment) so I’m hoping something, anything really, gets me hooked this E3.

I’m hoping for:

  • BOTW 2
  • Kojima’s next project (rumoured to be Xbox exclusive, nearly want to just see this for the meltdowns)
  • Elden Ring
  • New PES (normally wouldn’t care about it as I’d expect it’d be much the same but last year they just released an update and promised they wanted to properly improve and change things so I’m expecting that)
  • KH4 (not gonna happen)
  • Stray
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I don’t know if you know but they restarted development in 2019.

Shows they care about the project at least. I’d like a HD remake of the trilogy in the meantime, I played them for the first time in 2018. Although tbh unless they can replicate the feel of aiming with the Wiimote it will be a big downgrade imo (I’m not that into motion controls but the aiming was kind of perfect that way)

If by Kingdom Hearts 4 you mean Kingdom Hearts: Memory Card Data Corrupted exclusive for the Switch then they’ll announce it after they reveal Sora for Smash!

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Hahahahahahah, ugh oh my God. This is possibly the worst E3 so far in years. That Square Enix conference? The Xbox/Bethesda conference? Damn, I’m hyped to see how Nintendo somehow make it even worse.

I didn’t watch the Microsoft conference but that Square conference…wasn’t great.

That Guardians of the Galaxy game is looking a bit :grimacing:

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I was saying to somebody that it looks literally unfinished. Really cringe, bad dialogue, just kind of a misunderstanding mish mash of shit? Like a game you would see being played in a film.

Guardians is being made by the same guys who made Avengers. That alone should be a huge red flag, which is a shame because Edios Montreal did great work on the Deus Ex games.

Just remember. We’re not getting any sequels to Deus Ex and it’s because of games like Guardians and Avengers being “bigger cash cows” for SE than genuinely excellent stealth action RPG’s.

I, too, found Microsoft’s conference underwhelming. Yes they had a lot of games but the vast majority were CG trailers and a lot were for games we knew about or could easily expect. Square’s was very poor. I thought GOTG looked better than Avengers but still not great and definitely not worth the time they spent on it.

Up to you Nintendo. Bring it home with BOTW2 please.

To expect anything good from Nintendo is truly a fool’s errand. We won’t get shit worth talking about and, if we do, it’ll be a slither if that. The worst thing is, with what we’ve had so far - that slither will look fucking magnificent in comparison.

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The one silver lining about that game is it is a singleplayer only video game. Avengers’ first 90 minutes is pretty decent, far as exciting linear gameplay goes. It was when things devolved into “go to place and punch lots of guy” that things devolved from a solid action outing into a grindy nightmare from which there was no escape.

So that could be a good sign of a fun video game if it actually maintained the momentum those first 90 minutes of Avengers had until Abomination went down.

Also apparently a game old yeller is voicing and co-writing is gonna be at E3 too called “Fallen Aces.” So that’s a thing.

If this was Nintendo pre-Nintendo Directs I’d agree, but I think they’ve nailed this format before companies like Sony once again followed them on with what they’re doing and it works for them. As long as they don’t spend the last 30 minutes talking about Smash I think it could be decent. I doubt we’ll see Metroid Prime 4 but it could be one of those very unlikely hopes that comes true out of nowhere, BOTW2 probably should be there although I’m not as confident as a lot of people but it is a Zelda anniversary year, there’s the rumoured Switch Pro, and they might have something up their sleeve that’s not known about. I’m not expecting miracles but even a semi-decent show with one big reveal or surprise would be very welcome.

@Departed That’s really cool, will definitely look out for that.

Is Sony doing anything? :thinking: