Dotty's back

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I am MGS. from the old forums, or Dotty if you like. Pretty bumped to be honest that I couldn’t add the dot after my username but pretty excited seeing the community coming back once again.

Group huuuggggg!!!


Woah bro you’re still kicking around? It’s great to see you here! I’ll look into if we can add your dot in lol.

AND YES, i’m soo excited to see all the names pop up again. We (mostly Hessikin) has worked tirelessly to make a modern but comfortable site for the fanbase and I hope it stays in use for many years to come!

I’ll hug you, but you gotta sign up for my onlyfans! this time is free though!

Hahaha will sure do! I’m pretty excited and since the new MGS rumors are on the air I hope this place gets the traction if deserves.

Pretty bumped that MGSF didn’t get any attention these past couple of years. We tried reviving it with Dante but unfortunately due to work I was not able to fully maintain the server by myself and I was pretty sad about it. Now I am really glad that this great community gets another shot!

Really congrats guys for this massive work! You really made me smile!

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Hey MGS.! Good to see you made it.

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Welcome!!! I’ll look into that asap, about to head out the door but it may be a code issue rather than a setting which is gonna require I sit down. If I can change it, I’ll let you know. It’s throwing me an error code even when I add the dot. Will certainly look into this.

Unfortunately, MGSF should have been migrated to a more permanent and stable platform at least a decade ago before it got too big. There is no way to transfer all that info now, unfortunately, and back in the day when Paul and I offered to buy the site and basically do what we’ve done here, we were always shot down. So don’t beat yourself up too much over it, it was inevitable. They were setup for failure to begin with by not self hosting from the get go. Many, many forums have met similar fates.

And thank you so much! I spent the last 4 months learning Linux and putting this all together.

Really, I greatly appreciate it.

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for a while I thought i was over MGS tbh but it just kept clawing at me. I didnt realize how much the series has shaped me, We had to do it, this was the right thing to do and it feels great to provide everyone a new homebase!

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Hahaha no worries mate, just kidding. I will survive even without my dot in the end!

Yeah I agree. Even if we wanted to, at this point, Tapatalk won’t give us the data.

That’s really impressive dude! Keep it up! I am a fullstack developer so if you need assistance with anything, don’t hesitate.

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At this point MGS is in our DNA mate!
Just amazing, I wish all the best for our new home!


Me too bro, alot of things have changed but one thing is forever true, my love for mgs and my Inability to type correctly lol! It’s a shame you couldnt get the site off and running but atleast we know there’s someone we can turn to for advice. This is a site in celebration of the community , thanks for the good vibes!


Ain’t that the truth! I always find myself coming back to Metal Gear. Always. It’s a weird constant in my life.

And appreciate it.

Exactly. We heard the rumors last year like everyone else and knew we had to put something together. It absolutely wouldn’t feel right to have a new Metal Gear (or a new version of a classic) and no community to discuss it!

And what’s a community without a home?

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Loving that sig!

I need that top hat emoticon back here guys. :joy:

Welcome to the forums, and really glad to see everybody here already.

I’ve kept it all these years as a reminder from where I started.

Cheers mate. It’s good to be back and see the community shine again.

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