Does anyone remember Ghost Babel?

Hey guys! My names Ghost Babel, but I also go by Angel. I became a MGS fan relatively late in my high school years. The only exposure I had before it was the overused “!” sound effect they had on Mexican television and, of course, my copy of Brawl.

I always found it odd that out of the cast of “humans”, humanoids, creatures, and straight up monstrosities, that there was just this buff dude who went around blowing people up left and right or choking them out.

Wasn’t until my brother bought a copy of MGSV:TPP when I worked my way backward. As we know, it’s a phenomenal series, so much in fact that all of my socials, usernames, and alts have “GhostBabel” in the title.

I remember explicitly wanting to play a MGS game on my crappy Android without exploding it. Much to my surprise, Konami green-lit a MGS Game Boy Color title and the rest is history!

This community seems cool, so maybe I’ll stick around and hopefully meet cool peeps like you guys! Thanks for reading, skimming, or glancing!


Welcome! I´ve never tried Ghost Babel. In fact, I think I haven´t played any of the handheld MG games.

Did you go by a different name on MGSF? No records of a member called GhostBabel anymore…or are you just asking if we remember the game? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was working on a Ghost Babel theme for the old forum before it went kaput, tailor made for the mobile experience. I just love that MGS had a portable entry that early, must have been so cool to own at the time! Here in the EU they just called it “Metal Gear Solid” tho which is so much lamer than “Ghost Babel.” But maybe us Europeans should take to calling you MetalGearSolid just for consistency.

But anyway, welcome! And for shame all of you who liked the post and didn’t reply. This is a FORUM, not Twitter!!!

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Oh man I’ve got a story about Ghost Babel encoded deep in my memory. I lived in Bangladesh for a year with my grandparents, which is a place where 90% of all DVD/video game stores just sell bootlegs. Often you get pre-modded copies of things or fanmade ROM hacks loaded onto physical GBA cartridges. This was 2009, so MGS4 was still fresh, and I spot what I thought was a GBA port of MGS4 in one of these little pirated media booths. Turns out it was Ghost Babel, of course, and the cart itself was barely functioning so I never got far.

I still have it somewhere though, if I can find it I’ll drop a picture. It had the Shinkawa art of Old Snake on an authentic-looking glossy sticker label, with a transparent blue cartridge. Obviously a total fake to anyone sensible, but the sticker fooled me.

Anyways, welcome to MGL!


Welcome! I never played it and I had a Gameboy Colour too so it’s a shame as it was around the same time that I played MGS.

However I have been watching an original poster for it on eBay for a long time. Not that I’ll ever actually have €700 for a poster but one can dream.



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Oh shit this is actually a bit surprising from yourself lol. I’ve given it a go before on a mobile emulator, but unless it was Dragon Quest 1-3, I never stayed consistent with playing games on my phone at all.

Also, welcome @GhostBabel ! I hope you have a great time hanging out with us on MGL!

I’m on holiday. :(((((

I knew there was a game called Ghost Babel, but I’ve never played it or knew anything about it. I figured it was like the Acid games where they weren’t canon so I never really payed any attention to them. I do remember seeing the posters for it in MGS2.

Believe it or not though I actually saw a copy of Ghost Babel for sale a few months ago. I was in a used video game store that sells DVDs and games from the PS3/360/Wii gen back to original Nintendo. While perusing the GameBoy stuff I saw the Metal Gear logo and saw Ghost Babel. It was also like $120. Actually a lot of older Gameboy stuff was kinda pricey. If you have any pokemon Gen 3 through 5 lying around, maybe see what they’re worth.

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Thank YOU for signing up! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy, Ghost!

Ghost Babel and ACID had such killer artwork.

hey, welcome to the boards, I hope you enjoy your time here. I myself never played it but I have watched playthroughs. sadly the gb era passed me by, got a gba. really fun game for gbc. what’s your fav game?

I know I had my old teal green GBC along with Pokemon Red and Yellow but I couldn’t find them anywhere before I left my old place in a hurry so they’ve inevitably been condemned to the bin unfortunately. Didn’t even really want to sell them anyway, still remember the day I went to get the GBC and Red and the amount of time I spent on that in school battling and trading with others was crazy. Must check my local retro game stores to see if I can see what it’s going for these days. Used to see copies of The Twin Snakes regularly enough in recent years there but I put in a request for it like 2 years ago and haven’t heard a word since.

Welcome to the forum, Ghost Babel! Delighted to have you here. Your journey into Metal Gear, from the iconic ‘!’ to diving into the series, resonates with many. Looking forward to your contributions!

@Black_King, it seems my “Best Newcomer” title might face some competition now. Shall we call it a friendly rivalry?

I think the only fair resolution is a fight to the death.


“Ahh-ahh… uhh! …Do you remember, Snake? The FEEL of battle? The clashing of bone and sinew?”

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I’ll take on anyone, but I draw the line at six fatalities for a newcomer title.

Ah man, I really love Ghost Babel. I had never played a GBC game before and was astounded by how beautiful the art was. The story was pretty good too and I thought all the bosses looked great design wise and were fun to fight.

I’m curious to how similar it plays compared to Metal Gear 1 and 2, since I’ve never gotten around to playing those.


Another new member? Awesome! We clearly need to post about obscure games more often!


Oh yeah, I’d definitely be here for an AC!D or Portable Ops thread!


You’re in luck, as I’m a PO apologist!