Caption Quote Contest: Mission 8

It’s a seemingly random time of the week again…You know what that means!

Hope you’re all brushed up on your fiddle playing. Today our picture is from Ground Zeroes.

Post your entries below! A poll to vote for your favourite will be posted at the end of next week! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be decided once voting ends.

And the results for Mission 6 and Mission 7-it’s a one, two combo by @DirtySpaceDuck giving us our first two three time winner! Who’ll be next to hit this prestigious forum milestone?

Placement Member Wins Total Votes
1st Place DirtySpaceDuck 3 15
2nd Place Wayno 1 6
3rd Place NightFox 1 5
4th Place Hessikin 1 4
5th Place tr0n 1 2

Kojima: This is a non smoking flight!
Big Boss: Morpho, open the loading door, I need to get rid of something🫡 !

caption meme

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