Caption Quote Contest: Mission 5

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to those that took part. One for the history books; first mention of a fart in one of these. In the spirit of good fun, please refrain from voting for your own entry. Voting is open until Sunday. Please cast your votes below:

Caption Quote Contest: Mission 5
    Snake: I told you they weren’t pregnancy cramps.
  • Meryl: This is awkward but…I got tested recently and it came back positive for FOXDIE…and I haven’t been with anyone but you recently so I was just…wondering if there was…a chance that you maybe picked it up from somewhere…
  • Meryl: So Johnny says it’s just hereditary and I tell him “Hereditary C-Diff? That’s not a thing, Johnny!” and he tells me I just don’t understand and that I need to make more of an effort and…
    Snake: Did you invite all your exes to hear you complain about your husband or was I just the lucky pick?
  • “When your date explains the entire plot of a Metal Gear game and you’re just here for the appetizers… and maybe a different kind of ‘dessert’ later!”
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