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Black Ops 6 will be coming out October 6th. Will it ever top this moment?

Definitely not, but we’ll see.

Anybody keen on COD? I only play these games anymore for Zombies ngl, and Treyarch have gave us some good wave survival eating ever since WaW.

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I enjoyed MW3 for what it was. An expensive DLC (that we got for free due to her winning some vouchers) that catered to MW2 online nostalgia. Campaign was dogshit and I never finished it.

The Mrs. absolutely loves this iteration of Zombies, though. I think she plays regularly with 5 out of the other 8 people in the world who actively enjoy it. I was never big on it but I’d definitely rather play round based than the DMZ variant.

We have some money still to spend on PSN, I have it earmarked for Monster Hunter but I can see her getting the next CoD.


Oh that’s actually pretty fascinating. I see a lot of love for Cold War’s Outbreak mode, think that hit it off well with a lot of people either too intimidated by round-based or looking for a change, but I’m a classic wave-survival player when it comes to CoD Zombies through and through. Really enjoyed Cold War’s Zombies Onslaught mode too, thought that was an insanely fun little break between round-based to play when I felt like a more casual, shorter session which didn’t require any real setting up.

Hahahaha, yeah I think that’s the only way I’d ever play MW3 - I’ve really no interest in it otherwise. I’ve also heard reports that it’s literally exactly as you described it - it was initially developed as an expansion pack for MW2. I would’ve really respected if they just kept it to that, but hey, history loves to repeat itself (same thing happened with the OG MW2 and MW3 apparently).

If you own CW, Wayno, would you be down for some Round Based or Onslaught sometime?

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Hopefully we get to execute Bush Sr. in this one, the absolute fucking criminal he is. I also wouldn’t mind throwing the lever that hanged Saddam.


I don’t own it unfortunately buddy. I’ll definitely buddy up on the next game. If not me you can definitely play with Laura.

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