Batman 1989 Fan Game Demo

Thought I would share this as it looks really awesome, especially for a fanmade project. Batman 1989 is also my fave Batman film so I would love this to be a real game.


Looks cool and pretty. Let’s hope WB’s lawyers don’t cease and desist it to oblivion

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Really nice for a fan game. I watched a vid of this just lastnight before i went to bed and all I can say is i’m very impressed so far.

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This is legit the first time I’ve been mesmerized by how far we’ve come in videogames. Replicating the atmosphere of the Batman movie we’ve grew up to, to a near perfect level and this being just a fan made project, holy shit. My mind is blown right now. Kudos to whoever did this. This is the kind of love and passion I would like to see being put on to a potential MGS remake period.

This is the shit thing, right? A bunch of these developers making this fan made game are likely doing it our of their own time, pocket and dedication and then they’ll be hit with C&Ds, it happens so frequently that it’s just such an expected thing now.

Meanwhile, a lot of guys who take part in these kind of projects do so for their portfolio in a desperate attempt to get work in the game industry and what they trained years for, yet jobs, wages and openings will be cut in exchange for shit like this:

I hate the AAA Game Industry lmao. But this game has some serious work put into it so kudos.

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Looks very cool, shame it won’t end up getting to go anywhere. Would like to see how it would look with some NPCs and combat.

Looks like it’s begun


Hahahahah, speak of the Devil!

Oh shi-!

I guess the old Woolie rule of “shut the fuck up about your fan project” rings true again lol.

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Damn I bookmarked this thread to watch the trailer later!

Anyone have a mirror?