Initially, when I heard this site had been made out of nowhere I was pretty pissed off, and I still am in some ways for reasons I don’t think it’s worth going into publicly. But after taking some days to stew it over, I think that more than anything I’m just glad this place exists.

It’s true what Kal has said in other posts on here, there were opportunities in the past for MGSF to develop further and they were never taken. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I was desperate to progress the website but by the time I had enough power to do anything, I had no support from any other admins to do jack.

Then TapaTalk came to town and put the nail in the coffin. In the end, out of desperation, I made ‘Suitably Epic’ with Refluxe because that’s all he would really agree to, and he had the power. No matter what I wanted to do with MGSF, I couldn’t do it because I had no experience developing websites. Do I think SE in retrospect was a bad idea? Yes. Mostly because it betrayed the soul of MGSF more than anything. But I just wanted a place for people to congregate again. The reddit was never enough and nor was the discord, MGSF deserves a website and always will do.

So, with that being said - if all it takes for MGSF to have a proper home again that is looked after with the care and love this fucked up, weird, hilarious, and heartwarming community deserves - is that I give up any power I had as people didn’t want to work with me, then I think that’s a price worth paying.

Hopefully, we actually get some new Metal Gear games too you know, if we’re lucky. Anyways, see you boys and gals around.


Welcome, good to have you here!

Welcome b! See you around.

Great to see you my love. I’d say things are looking up now Jose has gone but football is fucking dead now anyway. C’est la vie. At least they can’t take Louis Theroux from us, eh?

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Hey Dante! Glad you joined us. Hopefully we can give the MGSF community a home again.

First off - Henry, Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!

I am glad you joined. It’s been so long since we shot the shit, I hope these crazy times are finding you in good health man.

My push behind making this site wasn’t with the intent to piss anyone off, it wasn’t some calculating assault on anyone else’s past efforts, nothing even remotely as thrilling ever even crossed my mind. What it really came down to was time and nostalgia. I have the skills, and while it wasn’t the most opportune time as far as my schedule goes (I bought a house and started a new business since the beginning of the year), the rumors that surfaced about a Metal Gear Remake last year told me it was the right time. After that it all came together very quickly.

As for nostalgia, I think you all understand this one already. Plain and simple I missed this. I miss you, I missed all these people, and I realized that this was not only an integral part of my childhood, but part of my MGS experience. Even if the Remake and movie end up being pure shit, we’re all going to be here to trash it together. This is more about community than anything, as I’m realizing that some of the most important parts of life are experiencing it with others and very, very few people are as privileged as we were to grow up with this wacky ass community of misfits who just happened to also have a passion for bizarre Japanese espionage thrillers. Metal Gear and the forum itself, are merely vehicles to kindle relationships and garner discussion among friends, new and old.

The fact of the matter is Refluxe and Pricey ultimately lead to MGSF’s downfall through inaction and apathy, and from the sound of it, that was despite your best efforts. This website, I assure you, is all love. Paul and I spent the last 4 months making this site a reality in what very little spare time we have these days. Paul and I aren’t Refluxe and Pricey, we’re true, life long fans of the series, you know this. Fanatics if you will. The way this board is structured, it’s designed from the ground up for seamless expansion. We’ve got nowhere to go but up with Metal Gear Legacy and whatever happened in the past is completely inconsequential to me. All that matters is that we have a platform to share this fandom not only for ex-MGSFer’s, but Metal Gear fanatics all over the world.

Paul and I have grand intentions for this place, this community, and we’re working tirelessly to kick this into gear.

I sincerely hope you’ll stick around.



This is what the goal was all along, A real home for all of us, discord and reddit may be more popular but in the end WE exist in THEIR ecosystem, on any platform that’s not our own. The fanbase is safe here, we’re doing our best to future proof this board. It’s good to see you here and I hope you enjoy your time.

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Hey Dante! Feels weird welcoming some of you guys, that i remember as being the totems of the forums back then. Anyways, happy to see you man, hope everything is good in your life and hopefully we can have some fun chatting here!

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Welcome, nice to see you here man.

Welcome aboard! Just remember at least you know how to play the tuba.

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when we gonna fight people over assassins creed again


I haven’t played one in four years.

Anyway, good to see you again, Henry. Hope you’ve been staying safe and doing well throughout everything!

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Hey man! Welcome back.

Yeah we’re all waiting for any Metal Gear news. Hopefully we get some soon.

Good to see you man, I’ve just got onboard.

I got that feeling that Fluxey lost interest and came to see he looks to be living a successful life somewhere, so good on him, but I’m glad to see a new home with old faces and that you are able to say your piece and mix in with the wild bunch again.

Hope life has been kind, looking forward to interacting with you and everyone else.