Yo it is a me Slipstream

Didn’t use the same name as before but finally got around to making an account and what not. More or less the same as before maybe we can game or something else. I got back into mechwarrior really hard the last year, that is sort of metal gear like right?


YO SLIPSTREAM, you Finally got around to checking the place out! Its great to see you here finally and I hope you enjoy the boards, it’s been quite a while. What games are you playing these days?

You know about everything, I still love fighting game and the like. I did just get a new pc so I have been slowly installing games onto it again. At the moment I am just replaying Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, maybe play Diablo 3 again but it is kind of up in the air at the moment.


Have you stuck around with any of the fighting games recently? I really want to start up a MGL fighting game night. I know @Jassassino is always down and I could probably get markthecool @Jmtc1223 and @Null to jump back on for some game nights again. that goes out to anyone on these boards. if you’re interested in fightnights @NickRocks let me know and we’ll organize something

if Diablo 3 is crossplay we should do some of that. Ive really wanted to play this but noone in my friend group is slightly even interested in playing it with me :frowning:


The only one I have actively played is Guilty Gear and Fighterz, though I still down for like Tekken. I don’ think Diablo 3 was but I have on ps4 and Pc so always down for that.

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Hey, Slipstream, welcome back! :grinning:

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Damn those are 2 i really wanted to get but for 1 reason r the other they just sipped by me. I think for DBZ, i was hoping to watch the kai series for the first time but all the amazon blurays were out of stock so there’s that. Do you messaround with mortal kombat at all?

Diablo wise, cool, when I do end up picking it up I’ll let you know.

I have a little bit, I haven’t played since release though. It looks pretty cool with all the dlc but other then that I haven’t touched much on it.

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Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!! (This is Kalash).

Appreciate you joining up!! There should be a message from Otacon in your inbox, if you follow the instructions there Otacon will run you though a tutorial on basic forum features. Also a few threads in staff announcements that are worth checking out.

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Welcome slip good to see you!

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Yoooo Slipstream, welcome!

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Hey slipstream! Welcome

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Welcome to MGL, Slipstream.

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It’s cool, dont worry about it, i havent played it online tbh, Just did it for the story mode .

Good to see you Slipstream

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