Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Imagine finding a cheeky little e-mail in my junk folder this morning declaring a glittering new forum that has risen from the ashes

You might remember me as Bread (real name Dan). Crazy to think I signed up to MGSF in 2008 when I was 16 years old and had nothing better to do except tit about on the internet; now I’m nearly 29 with a full time job and bills to pay and shit and here I am, thrilled to be back. I can’t promise to be as active as I once was, but I’ll try to pop my head in at least once a day.

I do hope this place takes off. I said this about Discord and Reddit, but third time’s the charm I suppose.


Right? 2004 @ 14 years old for me. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it was beyond saving.

The difference between MGL and those platforms is this site here is created out of pure love, we are not seeking refuge on someone else’s platform, this right here is our own, you know? I learned Linux to set up this server and build out the site over the last 4 months.

We just need to rekindle the fire, and that’s up to the community.

I really appreciate you joining, and welcome home!

Ah yeah what’s up Bread! Glad to have you on board

WHATTTT your junk folder! WHAT THE HELL MAN! we just launched and immediately your email service thinks it’s junk? it’s time to get a new email service cause now I’m MAD!

Yeah bro, it’d be nice to see you on whenever you can. Post when you can, life comes first but you got a second home! we’re gonna do our damnedest to keep this ball rolling! thanks so much!

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Welcome Bread, really glad to see you here too!