Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mods

So the modding scene for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PC is insane. The modders are constantly releasing completely new characters that were never in Marvel 3 and even bringing back characters that were in previous games but never made it to the 3D Marvel vs Capcoms like Gambit from the X-Men or Captain Commando.

They even have full ass builds that replace 98% of the roster completely with all the new characters and play weekly tournaments on that build. It’s nuts.

Right now the way it works is that these characters will replace one of the selectable colors on one of the player characters. But someone has pretty much figured out a way to give all these new characters their own slot on the character select screen. He’s currently in the polish phase of making sure it doesn’t break anything else in the game.

We’re almost at the point where people can build their own fighting game if they want to take the time to learn how to make their own characters.

What that video is showing is the modded Devil May Cry 1 version of Dante on his own character slot working on the same team as Devil May Cry 3 Dante. Also fighting a DMC 3 Dante. Normally when characters share a slot with a modded character, whichever version is chosen first will take priority.

You wouldn’t be able to pick the same character slot to get DMC1 and DMC3 Dante on the same team. And if the opponent tries to select a different version of Dante it would use the costume of the version the opponent wanted but it would load whichever version of Dante that player 1 picked. It’s all very confusing to explain.


This is absolutely insane and really cool. I wish I was into the Ult. MvC games to be able to really enjoy this and give it a go for myself, but the three character tag team aspect of it really overwhelmed me whenever I played it before. I figure though if I just got the game and hammered it for a couple of hours, I’d eventually get used to it.

It’s really cool too to see Wesker just go for it in his classic costumes and otherwise. To be able to mod in new characters to fighting games (especially classic ones personally) is something I’ve always dreamed of.

I saw the Carnage/Venom reveal trailer when it was posted and I loved the homage to Maximum Carnage lmao

Yeah the modding scene for UMVC3 looks like a really dedicated community. I loved the game back when it came out, played it to death with my friend Lewis. Unfortunately don’t see him all that much anymore but when I do maybe I’ll get him to get this up and running so we can play a new MVC3 character for the first time in 11 years.