The Callisto Protocol

Survival Horror from the creators of Dead Space. Who’s in?

I’ve been watching it, and am very interested. Just gonna carefully read some reviews first, trying not to get spoiled. I’m not a huge fan of just slashing zombies/monsters. Depending on how good the story is, and if it is I’m definitely getting it. I’m in need of good, new IP’s. But since it’s heavily influenced by Dead Space as you said, it can’t be bad.

This is largely my approach too. It actually reminded me of how much I loved the demo of Dead Space on PS3 back in the day and has made me want to play through them all at long last. I’ve set up the PS3 now, so I’ll just have to remember to nip to CeX and buy them secondhand soon or something.

Reviews have been mixed.

Maybe one to wait for a price drop.

Took me by surprise actually. I know I should know better, but everything about this game in regards to hype, trailers, pre-release gameplay demos and interviews had me believing that this was pretty much nailed on to be great.

I expected the same thing, really. Now and again it happens, I guess.