The BASTARD Collection

Howdy Fanatics! We’re taking a brief reprieve from regularly scheduled programming to bring you a short discussion focusing on the release of THE MASTER COLLECTION. In this video we’ll discuss technical details such as resolution, frame rate, pressure sensitivity, what was removed, what is still missing, a few controversial decisions by Konami, and our personal feelings on The Master Collection. The MGS1 footage being shown in this video is captured from an emulator on a 10+ year old PC.

Let us know what YOU think of The Master Collection below. Will you be purchasing it? What are your thoughts on what we talked about in the video?

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Just posted at the exact same moment in the Gaming Chat, so:

“Is anyone playing the MGS master collection yet? I see they made the MGS2 trophylist A LOT easier than the HD collection list. All dogtags, all VR missions, all Snake Tales. Those were the hardest for me and are now gone. MGS3 looks harder even.”

Edit: checking the video now. :grimacing:


It’ll be about an hr to get 1080p ver. Up so check back to see what Konami could have done!



Love the video guys. Absolutely agree with everything.

I want to see the differences, but I don´t want to pay that money for it. There are some cool extra´s that the old games don´t have that´ll draw in the collectors.
I would only buy MGS1 for the comfort of having it on a current console, but for $20 and no polish… Hm. :unamused: Maybe on Switch, which was my original thought when they announced.

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Yes! Please do. The one at the top of the forum should also be 1080p too. Uploading that baby right now.

I’m really dumbfounded they’re charging $20 a game for a digital copy of something that was released in 1998 with no overt upgrade. Granted, you do get several versions of MGS1 but a cursory search of eBay reveals copies of MGS1 for PS1 are going for $20-30 and you’ll have the physical media forever. I can only imagine if you do your legwork you can find a copy at a used game store or boot sale for less.

I’m sticking with my PS Vita version, Vita means LIFE!


Awesome. For a long time I wanted a Vita just to play MGS2 handheld.

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Konami said there is gonna be a patch after release but as of right now i have noooo ideo concerning what. the fact that we got the pal version with the boxers running at 50hz is like them slapping us with their shit covered hands.

I though i was mad for getting these games running with pressure sensitivity on pc . careful with that thing bro, if it bites the dust you’re gonna de on suicide watch!

there’s a much longer cut of this, we may release it soon. just wanted to make a bitesize cut for the sake of the 1080p 60hz example.

Appreciate you guys soo much for listening and as always we’re open for feedback. Love you guys!

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Does the VITA have pressure sensitivity?? I have a VITA but never bothered to play anything because it’s download only and I didn’t really wanna pay $15 for MGS2 on the PS store.

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Aye, cheers guys