Solid Snake vs Peter Griffin

This game is honestly ridiculous. I want to say something positive like “oh this will introduce kids to MGS the way Smash Bros Brawl introduced me as a kid!” but Fortnite is so packed to the brim with crossover bs with no real regard or appreciation for the characters that most of the lesser known characters just become “X from Fortnite” to kids lol

That being said it is cool that there is an Old Snake skin. Take notes @Sakurai


Crazy how they used handsom Peter Griffin’s buff body when he got plastic surgery in Season 2 Episode 17 “He’s too sexy for his fat”, as opposed to a parallel MGS appearance of Peter.



Who is this for? Is some kid gonna buy this? How many mgs fans are gonna pay for this. Konami, you’re so brave.

  1. Many kids definitely will buy it.
  1. A lot of MGS fans will probably also buy it. It’s not like all MGS fans are elite media warriors who only play the finest games. You only have to look at this forum to work that out!!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
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Do kids just buy fortnite dlc characters they don’t know anything about? Well I guess they’re much dumber than I initially gave em credit for. Mgs fans buying this also hurts my soul even more, guess I’m just out of touch with the gaming community

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It’s Fortnite. All they know about the characters actually FROM the game is nada and they buy skins for them that they think look cool, Snake will be no different.

Although from what I know they can unlock Snake if they have the premium battle pass for the season or whatever. They don’t necessarily have to pick him out to buy individually.

Season pass thing makes sense, didn’t even consider that, very COD. So fortnite characters are the band t-shirt of video games huh? Weeiirdd.


Tbh betting a tonne of people who were introduced with MGSV and are excited to play/are currently playing Vol. 1 are gonna overlap with Fortnite fans. It’s just such a goliath of a game, there’s no way this won’t reach MGS fans and make money lol.


faith restored in the fanbase, guess these kids arent so bad after all!