Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. I loved R&C from the beginning on PS2 but had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it from PS3 onwards. I liked Quest for Booty but didn’t enjoy Tools of Destruction much and honestly felt most of the games weren’t that fun which is why the main draw for me with R&C. But this just looks phenomenal and looks to be back to the series’ old sense of humour (something I felt was lacking recently too), and Dr. Nefarious is back which is the icing on the cake. It’s honestly the first game that has really looked next-gen to me and its fairly early release in the PS5’s lifetime made me need to get the system a lot earlier than I would have done otherwise.


Man, I even liked Tools of Destruction lmao. I’m really excited for this game, it’s really bothering me that a PS5 isn’t in the realms of my reality at the moment because I’m trying to save as much as possible, but damn this game looks brilliant.

Gameplay of Rivet, the white Lombax, dropped yesterday and I was fucking giddy lmao. This and Spider-Man: Miles Morales make the PS5 look so worth it. The colour palettes of both, the seamless transitions between gameplay sequences and new areas, it just really exemplifies what I want and what the PS5 has.

I’ve only played Tools of Destruction and the 2016 reboot, but I enjoyed both of them and I’m really looking forward to this. Drops on my birthday too, so it’ll be a convenient gift from somebody.

Honestly the only problem I have with it at the moment is that I can’t get a fucking PS5 anywhere


I played the very first on PS2 and I loved that. Only played maybe one or two others from the series, but never got into them. I really like the look of this one, though, not many games I can think of that look as good as this game does. Insomniac always make some really impressive looking games.

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I remember Tools of Destruction coming packaged with my PS3 back in the day. Spent so long on it looking for every secret lmao.

We must have bought our PS3s at the same time then, because it came bundled with mine too. Clearly marketed as a way to show of the stupid Sixaxis with the grindy rails sections.

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I have never played a Ratchet and Clank game, dang I just realized that

Yes! Hahaha. I remember that being on the game case and everything.

I honestly didn’t mind the Sixaxis sections, in fact I might say I actually liked its implementation (although yeah it was clearly something Sony wanted to help sell the feature). That’s actually another reason why I’m so excited. Astrobot showed off what the Dualsense can do so well but the whole time while I was playing it I kept saying to myself and the other half “this is just like Ratchet and Clank”. I just know if anyone will utilise the Dualsense well for a game it’ll be Insomniac.

There was a whole bunch of new footage shown at the latest State of Play.

It looks incredible.

I watched! Looks REALLY cool. I’m quite excited.

I haven’t bothered to watch it. Much like the RE8 demo, I’m already sold on the game and intend now to go in as blind as possible.

Looking forward to see what Rivet is all about.

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Reviews have started coming in, for those who wish to know:

Review scores

IGN 9/10
Gamespot 9/10
Gaming Nexus 95/100
Gaming Trend 95/100
Press Start 9.5/10
Power-up 9/10
Push Square 8/10

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Iconic scoring. Looking forward to playing it.

It being by a post-Spider-Man insomniac is all I need.

Well, that and a PS5…

I’ve played through this for a few hours, and so far, it’s deserving of every bit of praise it’s getting. Absolutely dripping in charm, gameplay, exploration and traversal is fun as all hell and Rivet is a wonderful addition to the cast.

Hopefully it continues this momentum for the remainder of the experience, but assuming it does, it should definitely be considered a GOTY contender.

I’ve only had a few hours on it so far too and was just for more but I’ve been really enjoying it too. Playing on the highest difficulty so combat can be a challenge in odd places (the challenge in the arena to kill 25 grunts with one weapon was far harder than any encounter I’ve had so far) but it’s been really good fun. Although I will say I didn’t love Sargasso.

Didn’t mind Sargasso myself, I quite enjoyed riding the Speedles, although Trudi controls like absolute ass when you return for the optional sidequest. I quite enjoyed Savali too, the semi-open world aspect was quite fun without being too overwhelming.