Personal Headcanons?

Does anyone have their own headcanons about certain aspects of the series that you view the games under despite no specific or even contrary evidence in the games?

This is pretty mundane but I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason FOXHOUND used the FAMAS (really strange for a US special forces unit to be using the French standard issue rifle) is because Big Boss liked bullpups. In Metal Gear 2 the standard issue rifle for Zanzibarland is the Steyr AUG and before that was adopted they used the Enfield L85A1.

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Vergil, this is a fascinating topic. I always enjoy reading other fans’ headcanons and sharing my own. Here are some of mine:

  • I believe that Big Boss and The Boss had a secret romantic relationship that was never revealed to anyone. They shared a deep bond of loyalty, respect, and love that transcended their roles as mentor and student, soldier and commander, mother and son. They were soulmates, but fate and duty kept them apart.
  • I think that Solid Snake and Otacon were more than just friends. They shared a deep bond of trust, respect, and affection that transcended conventional labels. They were partners in every sense of the word, and they supported each other through thick and thin.
  • I imagine that Raiden and Rose had a happy and peaceful life after the events of MGS4. They raised their son John together, and they also adopted Sunny as their daughter. They moved to a quiet and secluded place, where they could heal from their traumas and enjoy their family.
  • I like to think that Quiet survived the desert and found a way to communicate with Venom Snake again. They reunited and continued their missions as Diamond Dogs, and they also developed a romantic relationship. Quiet learned to accept herself and her abilities, and Venom Snake learned to trust and love again.
  • I speculate that Liquid Snake was not only a clone of Big Boss, but also a descendant of The Boss. She had a brief affair with EVA, who was the surrogate mother of Liquid and Solid. This would explain why Liquid inherited some of her traits, such as her blond hair, blue eyes, and charisma.
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Quiet is Chico




Of course, Jass. Quiet is Chico is canon. It’s obvious. Anyone who denies it is blind.

My headcannon is Gray Fox is a black man. If you’re fighting as a child soldier in colonial Africa you’re not going to be white. It’s a minor thing ultimately pointless to all the machinations of the convoluted shitpot we call a story, but it’s something I correct internally when I replay MGS1.


Ah yes, the “videogamedunkey” school of headcanon thought, a respected classic.

My headcanon is that there were most certainly more clones of Big Boss out there. Of course the Patriots would say six embryos were aborted, oh but just magically a third “perfect” clone pops up and becomes president. Nope, that stuff about trying to focus on the growth of Liquid and Solid is just the official talking point, they brought all eight embryos to term and hid them within their dense, endless networks of secret government agencies and private military interests. If there are not at least five other Big Boss’ running around in secret, they at least still had the embryos until their destruction.