My two and a half hour long MGSV Review & Analysis

I know a lot of MGS fans dig those deep dive vids folks make online talking about these games. Usually, I never bought into those things because either it felt like a lot of people were saying the same thing or in some cases, pulling at straws. But when I finally got around to making my MGSV review after finishing all the other MGS game reviews, I steadily found that I just had way more to say about this one game than any game I’ve ever played in my life. And I wanted to make sure that what I was saying wasn’t stuff people have heard time and time again from other youtubers.

So, if anyone here has 2 and a half hours to kill and wants to hear me give my full and honest thoughts about MGSV, here you go:


darn Imma have to watch this in chunks. you got alot to say i see lol! i’ll be listening to you on the toilet! see you there!

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I’m not going to watch the whole thing yet, since I haven’t finished the game (I know, I know, I own a metal gear forum now, what the fuck) but I did watch your MGS4 retrospective and really enjoyed it. Great analysis and editing man, really. I gave you a sub.

Bookmarking this video for after I finish MGSV.

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