Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard

This is absolutely huge. This is bigger than the Bethesda acquisition.


My honest opinion? Fucking disgusting that conglomerates are able to accumulate, absorb and monopolise developers, IPs and markets like this in such a grotesque fashion without contest.


This just further proves to me that they can’t make decent games so they have to buy other companies that can


Ah Microsoft taking the Disney approach to their business. Instead of expanding into markets with your product, just buy the people that would be your biggest competition instead.

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It’s the end of gaming as we know it boys, NFTs forced in, everyone getting snatched up! IT’S THE END, MAN!

if cod becomes a xbox exclusive, i’m not exactly crying myself to bed, you know? still though FUDGE this bullshit but really, what’s so good about activision?

(i plan on getting all the systems one day, i just hate corporate bs.)


Right. It’s a small miracle Activision Blizzard didn’t collapse before this.
I read somewhere that 70% of COD physical game sales are PS sales. So will probably stay multiplatform.

Also, Sony took a small blow on the stock market.

I can’t be arsed too much at the moment. Can’t think of an Activision game I want to play in the near future. Just a little hurt for Crash, he’s kinda a PS mascot and has been an exclusive since the very start on the PSX.


Not a fan of big acquisitions like this but to be frank, none of these franchises have been good in ages so it’s not as if there’s a big worry they’re going to “ruin” anything Activision haven’t already themselves.


Wow, mere hours after the merger, Governnent red tape is being considered and there’s a lot of hot water to land in.


That’s one hell of a coincidence if it’s truly not in response to the acquisition.

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Don’t forget, this is the Facebook model too. Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Can’t beat 'em in the free market? Buy 'em and run it into the ground or sit on it until the trend swings back around! No innovation! Only profit!

Spot on brother.


Let’s be real though, Microsoft owns other things and we still see it on multiple consoles. I dont really think this all means alot in this day and age beside a few console timed exclusives. I mean Id be surprised if they only release on xbox ONLY in the futurre. Hell we got Sony games being released on PC now. it’s a different era


You’re right, I just hate seeing tech conglomerates materialize before my very eyes – once I spent endless days dreaming of what wild digital adventures the video game would bring us some distant dawn. Now pondering the future conjures visions of a boot crushing a brittle skull beneath it’s iron heel in some distant, dusty, red future.

“Your subscription is about end, would you like to renew?”

“No, thank you though”

It’s gotta be pretty bad when even retailers are warning people that getting your console might not be such a good idea

So Sony is buying Bungie for a ton of money. Ironic they bought the studio that put Xbox on the map.

Bungie is owned by Playstation meanwhile Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are Xbox franchises. Imagine telling that to someone 20 years ago.

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Can’t help but wonder if it’s because COD was part of the Activision sale. You know, keep a company that makes good FPS on hand since COD and DOOM are in camp Xbox now.

Well considering Sony actually owns Bungie now, which lets be honest, tell any of this back in the halo 3 days and we would not believe it for a second. that’s really big news. Maybe now Sony can actually have a “Halo Killer” haha. I’m not a huge Destiny fan but I’m more excited for sony’s acquisition than losing activision.

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