Konami Restructure

A lot of suggestions about newer instalments of game series (old and new) including Metal Gear and Bloody Roar were thrown about last year. Both having leaked documents circulate and trademarks published which suggested products may be in the work. But since then, COVID-19 took an (expected) massive impact on the majority of the industry and now Konami are restructuring to focus on “areas of growth”.

It’s a restructure similar to the one they did in 2015. Essentially they want to have teams focused on growth areas of the industry.

If a new Metal Gear title is in the works, like the Sony exclusive product that has had a shit tonne of fake leaks about, I’d hope this corporate restructure accommodates to it.

Konami are pretty awful publishers anyway, but thoughts on this news? Especially considering a Konami Report was published last year stating they wanted to focus more on a variety of game/genre possibilities. You’d hope that doesn’t just mean Pachinko LOL.

Source: Konami is Undergoing a Corporate Restructure Next Month


Really thought. I am not optimistic to be honest. I think the best course of action for titles like Metal Gear and Silent Hill is just letting Sony buy those franchises and actually do them justice. Otherwise Konami is basically camping the series. It’s a waste.

Ive been hearing rumors that either koj is patching up with konami/business deal or sony is just going to outright buy MGS, either way it’s a win for us hungry folks.

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That would honestly be amazing. It’s also probably the only way I’d buy a PS5 at the moment.

The latter would be great. Not gonna lie, was not at all enthused with TPP but Ground Zeroes is one of my favourite MGS games. If they could nail that kind of cinematic, contained, tight storytelling and great gameplay with an area or a selection of areas just as well made, I would be living for it.

I really enjoy playing TPP tho, but I agree Ground Zeroes feels tighter. The mechanics and freedom introduced in MGSV’s suite are definitely the way forward though, playing those make the older MGS games really show their age, unfortunately.

Back to the topic at hand, I do not think that Konami is a good company just based on how everything went down with MGS5, Silent Hills, and Kojima, and I don’t really think them restructuring the company is going to change that. This seems to me like Konami going “damn baby, we fucked up, quick switch it all back”.

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If a new MGS is to be made it needs to be squarely removed from Kohima, honestly.

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i’m convinced if a new mgs is made without kojima it’s gonna lose all his weird humor, unless Swery makes the next mgs…

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Just look at Survive. That’s the kind of souless schlock you should expect if we get a non-Kojima Metal Gear.

Did Kojima ever have a co-director he tutored which is known of? I would like to see a similar tone and spin on a project by someone who retains the same kind of style but presents a breath of fresh air to it.

Honestly that’s not a particularly fair comparison since Survive was not a main title and was a DLC expansion for MGS V

There was Fukushima who apparently got killed by the Yakuza??? It’s weird, but I doubt he’s the one man army he paints himself to be

Wait was it really? I played the demo and realized it was pure shit so never looked into it further lol

is that real? an actual yakuza hit? wtf!

That’s actually been a widespread rumor circulating for years that Fukushima was murdered by Japanese gangsters, but tbh, I’m pretty sure that was just a rumor that got spread for reasons similar to why y’all suddenly decided I was a truck driver. From my understanding, Fukushima was originally gonna spearhead MGS4 without Kojima, because Kojima wanted to leave the project to the younger team. But then Fukushima quit from Konami and KJP and just sort of retired after that.

Shinta Nojiri was the guy who directed Ghost Babel and the Ac!d games, while Murata wrote those stories with Fukushima lead-writing for Ghost Babel. Masahiro Yamamoto directed Portable Ops.

And of those games, it really does feel like these guys could carry Metal Gear just fine without Kojima. MGA2 was especially great because it was decidedly Metal Gear but knew not to take itself so seriously, having really funny dialogue exchanges, ridiculous but awesome characters and some serious color to it. While Ghost Babel, Portable Ops and MGA1 just felt like very straight forward Metal Gear games, which still had MGS charm to 'em, but for the most part, better character interactions and, minus MPO, no baggage of past games requiring you to know all this extra lore to get what’s going on.

The problem with Surviveance was that they didn’t do what Nojiri did for his games. He knew he had a limited budget, so he and the producer of those games allocated all the money in all the right ways to make the absolute most of what they had with no fat.

Whereas the Surviveance director and producer tried and failed to create a spinoff zombie game with single player and co-op, when they only had the money for one or the other. The bitch of it all was that the original plan was just a co-op game, and one that was gonna have way more features, like a PvP mode, some sort of battle royale (which did technically start with MGO2’s Stealth Deathmatch in 2009) and way more boss monsters and all that stuff.

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Interesting! I’ve always been quite captivated by Ghost Babel and its gameplay style, so I’d really like to try it and emulate it sometime. I was recently reminded of it not only through this, but through a parody/tribute game to MGS called UnMetal, which I’m thinking of buying for PS Vita to play when I’m out and about with some downtime.

His role in the series is greatly overestimated. By his own admission Kojima singlehandedly makes a massive document first. He then works around Kojima. For example, he only wrote some codec calls in MGS2.