Kojima Productions life after Death Stranding

Im making this thread in case anyone wants to talk , speculate or share some news about KojiPro next project.


Great idea, I bought into the DS lore Hook Line and Sinker. I can tell me and kojima probably have the same youtube vid recommendation feed. lol

I’d love fore him to return to MGS but i dont think i ever want another Death Stranding unless we get a MADS style mgs3 game, lets be honest, that character is the new Big boss!

Life after though? i know it sucks but i want more corridor stealth , is that really soo much to ask! no more open world stuff, just a refined, honed, balanced stealth game, one more time by the legend himself.


Yeah, i hope we see Kojima going full stealth on next project. A more open enviroment but not full open world would be perfect.

I shit on MGS3 alot but really it’s such a well refined stealth game, perfect sandbox.if that can be done again without all the area loading screens it will be an amazing well curated experience. DS did have elements of stealth so i dont think he’s ever not gonna have a taste of it in his future projects

I know that DS performed well commercially, and relatively well critically - but I don’t think it’ll turn into a franchise without some radical changes. Interesting niche concept but as a game it is god awful dreary.

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Feels to me like Kojima is desperate to do a horror game. This would be a direction I’d most like to see him go in.

PT was really really good (still have it on my PS4!) Kojima is prone to messing up a lot of things but he’s elite with atmosphere

You’re right, he wants to do horry and like @Aragorn said, Pt was really good, but can he keep that momentum for 8 hrs straight?

I’ve heard rumors that Sony declined KJPs next project due to poor sales on Death Stranding. KJP was in talks with Stadia but that ended as well since Google decided to only stream games instead of developing them directly for their platform. So it seems that KJP struck a deal with Microsoft as an Xbox exclusive. If the rumors are true, let’s see how this goes…

I really hope it’s a honor games since PT left a lot to be desired.

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Please dont do a microsoft exclusive, i’m like days away from buying a ps5 if it gets in stock :frowning: . I dont like that rumor one bit!

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Agreed! All previous projects of KJP were based on the PlayStation, if you exclude the Twin Snakes, and most of us want to continue that way. Maybe Kojima is ahead of us and thinks that since there is no stock for the PS5 maybe it’s a great time to invest on XBox? :joy:

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What your telling me right now is a nightmare! He better make it ps5 or cross platform or i’m singlehandely tearing this site down!

According to a recent Kojima interview he has ‘a lot of affecction for PC’ so his next project might follow the steps of Death Stranding. First a console release and after some time a PC post.

Don’t you dare! I’ve just registered! :joy:

being completely honest with you. if it’s a PC game i’m not even gonna buy a ps5, i’ll just make the most outlandish poweful pc just for that game. i aint gonna buy a ps5 yet because of you!

Ohh i’ll do it alright!

Really though? are you that commited to a single game? No PS5 exclusives you care about?

I do but MGS and RE are the two things that really Bind me to gaming! name me 3 exclusives thats worth getting a ps5 fore?

horizon fw, god of war, and naughty dog ?

alright maybe naughty dog but they put out a game twice a decade lol! horizon was good though. I need an emotional rollercoaster of a game!

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you are an emotonal roller coaster by yourself Fox!