Just saying Hi

Why hello everyone! I’ve had many names and many faces but I am excited to show up and chat here and there.

I never had much luck with forum but let’s see how things go. I’ve been with the boy @NightFox @Hessikin @Hank @Jassassino @Jmtc1223 @Beags since 2010 but just a heads up I’m really bad with forums so excuse me if it seems like I’m a child soldier first time on a computer.


Wheey welcome to the forum buddy!

Ah Joseph Flares! Welcome!

Don’t worry brother this site is easy as balls to use once you understand it. I’ll be making a short crash course video for these guys soon.

Thanks for joining up my dude.

The mobile is really slick and I really like. Great work on the site @Hessikin @NightFox


Appreciate it man. We 100% wanted to have a functional mobile experience since many, many people browse from their phone rather than PC. It’s great, everything you can do on the desktop, you can do on mobile.

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Yo, who dis ho ass I see before my EYES!?