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Now, more than ever, I’ve been turning to indie games to get some good ol’ fashion gaming fun out when I have time. I played through Shovel Knight and mostly adored it. Now, I’m playing Blasphemous for the first time since it reminds me of a gorier, grimmer Bloodstained. And while I’m not a fan of the sick imagery and ugly vibe of everything, the gameplay itself is everything I was hoping it’d be and then some. It’s nowhere near as good as Bloodstained, but it’s been a great time so far, giving me everything I love about video games.

There’s also the upcoming UnMetal, which is currently available on Vita, and will be coming to PS4 and PC soon. Which is basically Metal Gear 2 with better mechanics and a sillier spoof vibe that still plays really well and has a great core gameplay loop like classic MGS puzzle solving, based on the demo.

Any indie games grabbing your eyes and attention these days? Or any you have your eyes on for the future?

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UnMetal is already on GOG and Steam I believe!

I managed to nab myself a physical UnMetal Vita copy (which I will now never open because, as with any Vita limited run game, the price sky rocketed immediately through resale) which I fucking am so glad to own.

I keep meaning to get Stardew Valley whenever it goes on sale but I always seem to miss it. I’m excited to eventually play that though. Really great looking game.

And of course, I used to play a shit tonne of Don’t Starve/Don’t Starve Together. So much so that I bought the shitty Vita version which crashes if you build a base a bit too big. Really, really addictive game and if anyone wants to hop on that together, I’d be so happy to do so.

Builds a £800 gaming PC and only plays shitty 2D games

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I got in on Android and loved it so much I bought it for my laptop. I’ve been debating whether or not to buy it again for my switch. Still got 3 days of being housebound and chilling in the shade while I plant some strawberries seems like the best use of my time tbh.

Been debating to get another indie game similar to Stardew called Littlewood. Cute graphics, farming, mining, upgrading etc.

I also got Spiritfarer cheap on the Russian Switch store and it was a gorgeous playthrough, don’t know if I’d go back to it though.

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I saw this game being spoke about a lot online. Apparently its progression and time/day system is really what sets it apart and makes it unique. Very tempted by this as well but I know I’d rather just have one or the other.

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This is what is swaying me towards Littlewood. As much as I love and throughly recommend Stardew the time/energy system compels me to be as efficient as possible and do as much as possible before the day ends otherwise to use Runescape terminology, “XP waste.” Which a game like that shouldn’t really have.

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Stardew Valley does get a bit job-like after a while. Every now and then i’ll start a new playthrough and lose interest not long after. Incredible game for one dude to make though, worth playing just to witness the achievement.

I’ve been working my way through the Zachronics library as of recent. I hit a brick wall in Spacechem so i’ve moved onto TIS-100 which is a little easier. They look extremely dull but are pretty much the pinnacle of puzzle games. Don’t write them off until you play one. If you’re at all interested:

Between the enormous amount of shovelware you see on Steam/PSN/Nintendo eShop and the fact that a lot of critically acclaimed Indie titles dabble in genres that I’m not really into (such as Hades, Hollow Knight or Dead Cells), I don’t really experience much indie gaming as I’d like.

The last indie game that I think I properly fell in love with was probably Celeste, which I had down as my personal GOTY for 2018, which when you consider that was the same year the likes of RDR2, God of War and Spider-Man came out speaks highly of how much I rated Celeste.

EDIT: I forgot about the Ori games, god I fucking love the Ori games.